A Martial Arts Belt System for Wrestling

If you’ve ever had a kid try to over-complicate their wrestling style… Or you simply want a scalable method to build athletes from the ground-up… Then it’s time to talk Standards of Learning. Teachers have their own standards of learning at every grade level, so why not apply that to wrestling? On Episode 27 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we discuss how I found success by doing exactly that. We’ll go over the evolution of my training system and detailed applications for youth, middle, and high school levels. By the end of the episode, you’ll leave with a complete … Read More

What Wrestling Coaches Can Learn From Top CEOs

 Coaches – I’ve been there. Putting together the pieces to create your ideal culture is a daunting task. So if you’ve ever struggled to get certain kids out to practice… You’ve had to battle with the administration… Or you’ve faced issues so pervasive it feels like the wheels are falling off… Then part four of our coaching secrets series is definitely for you. On Episode 26 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we work through building the right culture in high school wrestling. Creating the right culture can pull the best out of your kids in even the toughest of times. … Read More

What They Don’t Tell You About Parents in the Practice Room

 Whether you have an open-door policy for all training sessions, or you lock the door the minute practice starts, you need to listen to this episode of the podcast. Parents in the practice room can be both a positive and negative influence, depending on how you use them. On Episode 25 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we discuss everything about parents in the practice room – from having tough conversations to forming a support team for the kids. By the end you’ll know exactly how to manage this crucial part of your athletes’ support system, and use their involvement … Read More

Beyond Sweats and Starvation: Techniques for Managing a Wrestler’s Weight

If you’ve ever struggled with helping your kids cut healthy weight (and get their parents on board)  Or if you’ve ever had a kid rely more on sweats and starvation than proper nutrition… Then today’s episode is a MUST listen to. On Episode 24 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we address one of the toughest things to navigate as a coach of young people – weight classes. Gone are the days of sporting plastic trash bags everywhere. Now, we recognize that we should put the health of these young people first. Regardless, it doesn’t make it any easier of a … Read More

Coaches Intervention?: How to Guide Your Athletes to Making the Right Choices

 Great coaching is just borrowing and sharing ideas, but for some reason, every tries to hide the soft skills. What we do behind the scenes trickles down to our athletes, and I see no reason not to share my “secrets”. That’s why I put together Episode 23 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast – the first in a four-part series about classified coaching. In this episode, you’ll learn trade secrets about helping your athletes come to their own conclusions. By the end, you’ll be able to steer each athlete in the right direction… without them ever realizing it.  Here’s … Read More

Your Plan for Top Wrestling (it’s more than just half nelsons and tilts)

 If you’re looking for detailed secrets to secure take downs… Or you could simply develop a bit more ruthlessness in your athletes… Then you’ve come to the right place. On Episode 22 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we go over training the top position in practice. If you can program your wrestlers to break somebody down and keep them down, you’ll be tough to beat. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand the tricks to get your team to relentlessly score points from hold to hold.  Here’s what else you’ll find in this episode:  1:40 – Seal the … Read More

Winning Applications For The Bottom Position

 If your team gets bored of the same old bottom wrestling drills… Or if you simply want to guarantee a quick escape and reversal… Then you should tune-in to today’s episode of the podcast. In Episode 21 of Attack Style Wrestling, we cover crucial offensive techniques in bottom wrestling. You’ll learn my exact teaching progression for sparring and live situations, and how to beat train both offensive and reactionary moves. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to develop the muscle memory your team needs to turn the tables on any opponent.  Here’s what else you’ll discover … Read More

The Missing Puzzle Piece In Strength and Conditioning

Let me tell you a story behind my nickname. My first year wrestling at Iowa, after getting my butt kicked as a freshman a few times, Coach Gable and I were lifting in the weight room. I’m over there hitting some weights, doing what I had to do, and he comes around the corner chanting at me.  “Weber grill, Weber grill… turn the heat up!”  What he meant – stop slacking and push harder.  Despite the obvious dad-joke nature, it stuck. It worked to light a fire in me, and it became a sort of identity. The nickname was synonymous … Read More

Be Honest – This is What We’re Here For

If your athletes struggle scoring from certain positions… Or you’ve ever lost a match in the last 20 seconds … Then this episode on live wrestling in practice is for you.  In Episode 19 of Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, we bring you part three of our Anatomy of a Perfect Practice Plan series. In this installment, I go over how to use controlled battles in training to develop the intangibles that transfer to a match. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand the technical, tactical, and mental strategies I use with my athletes to steal period and win matches.  … Read More

Fine-Tune Technique Beyond the Drill

Every coach has their own style, but some things are just fundamental to a good wrestling practice. Technique is one of those. If you coach younger athletes still learning the basics… Or you need to fine-tune your elite-level athletes… Then you won’t want to miss Episode 18 of Attack Style Wrestling Podcast. In part 2 of this four-part series, we explain the exact drills to use when honing technique, and how to progress them. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand what to look for in each athlete, and how to develop their specific style in live competition.  Here’s … Read More