ASW12: Marketing and promotion of wrestling and MMA with Ben Askren

Ben Askren was a four-time All-American and two-time NCAA Division I champion at the University of Missouri. Askren moved into freestyle, making the 2008 Olympic Team that competed in Beijing. Now Askren is the ONE welterweight champion. He’ll join the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast to talk about promotion of wrestling and share some thoughts about…

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ASW11: Charlie Brenneman on using wrestling in every aspect of sports and life

Continuing with the theme of wrestling and its relationship to mixed martial arts, we talk with Charlie Brenneman, a UFC veteran, former high school Spanish teacher and motivational speaker. On Episode 11 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, Jason Bryant and Daryl Weber join Brenneman to share experiences and tactics that wrestling has taught that transfers to MMA, writing…

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The First 4 Wrestling Positions To Learn For MMA or Self Defense

We have a lot of athletes, instructors, MMA Fighters etc…  come to looking for advice on learning/teaching wrestling.  Many wish to take their MMA game up a notch by integrating wrestling techniques and skills into their existing skill set and others just want to increase their self defense prowess. I have spent some time…

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strickland hand raised

ASW10: Mark Strickland Talks Wrestling and MMA

Ever since starting I have has Martial Artists of all different disciplines signing up for advice on learning wrestling or teaching wrestling. Most are either instructors that wish to teach wrestling skills more effectively at their gyms and give their students a better experience or they are athletes from all backgrounds wanted to integrate wrestling…

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ASW09: U.S Greco-Roman National Team Coach Matt Lindland breaks down how Greco enhances your overall skillset

Episode 9 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast will focus on tips and tricks with Greco-Roman wrestling with guest Matt Lindland, the U.S. Greco-Roman National Team coach. We’ll find out how Lindland went from a high-level equestrian athlete to a wrestler and how he went over the hills and through the woods to find the…

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ASW08: Strength Training for Wrestlers- Blending Science with Hell featuring Zach Even-Esh

On Episode 8 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, coach Daryl Weber interviews a special guest strength coach Zach Even-Esh. They go over why proper strength training is so important to being successful wrestler.  Topics How to develop mental toughness while strength training and why it is absolutely essential! How to build overall athletic ability through your training…

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gable coaching

How Dan Gable Tapped The Maximum Potential In His Wrestlers

It has been 20 years since I wrestled for Dan Gable. I still remember the question reporters, family, friends and strangers used to ask most about him … “What makes Dan Gable such a great coach?” The most likely responses have always been … “His intensity.  He is just soo intense!” “His drive…  He is…

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gable coaching

ASW07: Daryl Weber explains framing the mind to start your wrestling season

With the start of any wrestling season, whether it be high school, college or freestyle and Greco-Roman, getting your wrestlers to focus and frame their mind is crucial to development. On Episode 7 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, coach Daryl Weber identifies three main areas with your wrestlers to get their mental framework and…

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Nutrition: Your Most Important, and Neglected Weapon

Nutrition is a weapon. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a Ferrari or a moped if they aren’t fueled, and what’s more, a properly fueled moped will outrun an empty Ferrari every time. But even that metaphor is insufficient, because nutrition is much more intricate than the fuel that powers an engine. Want to…

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The 3 Lessons That Shaped My Match Day Mental Preparation

In my competitive career I know I lost some matches due to nerves. Everyone has their own mental space they need to be before a match to perform at there best. Finding that space can be difficult. When preparing for big matches less can be more. This can be especially true in tough duals. Maybe even more so in…

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