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How Dan Gable Tapped The Maximum Potential In His Wrestlers

It has been 20 years since I wrestled for Dan Gable. I still remember the question reporters, family, friends and strangers used to ask most about him … “What makes Dan Gable such a great coach?” The most likely responses have always been … “His intensity.  He is just soo intense!” “His drive…  He is…

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gable coaching

ASW07: Daryl Weber explains framing the mind to start your wrestling season

With the start of any wrestling season, whether it be high school, college or freestyle and Greco-Roman, getting your wrestlers to focus and frame their mind is crucial to development. On Episode 7 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, coach Daryl Weber identifies three main areas with your wrestlers to get their mental framework and…

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Nutrition: Your Most Important, and Neglected Weapon

Nutrition is a weapon. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a Ferrari or a moped if they aren’t fueled, and what’s more, a properly fueled moped will outrun an empty Ferrari every time. But even that metaphor is insufficient, because nutrition is much more intricate than the fuel that powers an engine. Want to…

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The 3 Lessons That Shaped My Match Day Mental Preparation

In my competitive career I know I lost some matches due to nerves. Everyone has their own mental space they need to be before a match to perform at there best. Finding that space can be difficult. When preparing for big matches less can be more. This can be especially true in tough duals. Maybe even more so in…

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Real Strength: Understanding the Coaching Opportunities in Every Weight Room

The weight room. Coaches and athletes everywhere appreciate the increasing importance of building physical strength, but most lack understanding of the nuanced benefits that strength training offers. Lifting isn’t just a blunt tool for developing explosiveness and strength, it’s a scalpel with the potential to develop the mind, body, style, and even potential, of any…

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Theory and practice words written on the chalkboard

ASW Podcast: The How’s and Why’s of Drilling

Drilling. The name implies a grating, monotonous, repetitive, and altogether tortuous experience. Is this the way you design your practices? Is this the attitude that gets your athletes to jump levels? In a recent Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, Jason Bryant, Daryl Weber, and Dan Gable delve into the purpose and implementation of drilling. The discussion elevates…

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Do You Think Like a Winner? Gotta Pass this Test

Nothing is quite as annoying a person who is constantly trying to prove themselves. Obviously there are worse things, but having to nod your way through the repetitive, self-centered stories of someone who you’re not very impressed with is its own special kind of torture. Similarly, it can be awful and intimidating to be around…

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Bad News: You Don’t Understand Goal Setting Part 2

The second part of this two part series focuses on educating people on and short, medium, and long term goals. Like superficial, personal, and habitual goals, these goals are tools that are used in different ways but are all aimed at the same result. Once you understand all of them, and how to combine them,…

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Bad News: You Don’t Understand Goal Setting, Part 1

Everyone thinks they understand goal setting. They say, “I want to win states,” occasionally milk a little motivation out of that thought, but otherwise go about their business. What’s the matter with this? The benefit of goal setting isn’t that it helps fill trophy cases, it’s that it is the best way to promote personal…

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The Perfect Storm: Understanding the Role of Perfectionism in Practice and Competition

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but often it is better neglected than abused. The intensity of wrestling draws many highly motivated athletes, and this motivation translates into a desire for perfection. While the pursuit of perfection is a vital ingredient to success, especially in the practice room, it can condition athletes to…

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