Building A Championship Wrestling Program; Recruit-Retain-Attract

This Episode of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, Daryl Weber will attack the issues about recruiting new athletes into the sport, retaining them and more importantly… Creating a program that will attract wrestlers, families and the winning reputation needed in your community Discover how to attract record numbers and ignite a winning culture… 4 Major…

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Attack Style Wrestling Stats

As a younger coach, I used to always post our stats and leader board on the wall of our locker room and wrestling room after each match. I thought it was a cool way to keep guys engaged and motivated. After a lot of trial and error, talking to a lot of other experienced coaches…

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Seven Steps to Engineer Confidence and Mental Toughness

Click Here for a more in-depth video on the Seven Steps to Engineer Confidence and Mental Toughness and the accompanying Cheat Sheet Episode 13 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast covers the development of an athlete’s mental toughness. Coach Daryl Weber outlines the Seven Steps to Engineer Confidence and Mental Toughness. We’ll explain all seven steps…

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Near Arm Far Leg

Properly Hit the Near Arm Far Leg

The near arm far leg is a tremendous technique for a lot of reasons. It turns defense into offense, is extremely hard to counter, leads to a quick finish, and can easily result in a match ending fall. Even when you have been beaten to the tie you can still score. Key elements to this…

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Wrestling Takedowns: Pass-by Series

    The pass-by takedown is a low risk move that translates to easy points at crucial moments. Not only are the positions that lead to a pass-by, or “slide-by” common, but the move is easy to execute and can be drilled for high repetitions with minimal effort. Keys to this move include understanding pressure,…

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Switch / Re-Switch to a Step Over Chain Wrestling

Hello, Part of success in the bottom position is being dangerous. Escaping is fine, but it will be a lot easier if the top man is constantly concerned with being reversed. This is doubly true if back points are in the picture. The switch series, in particular the stepover, is a tremendous series of techniques…

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7 ways to increase match toughess

7 Situations That Measure a Wrestlers Match Toughness

I am all about giving wrestlers concrete tasks to follow rather than abstract concepts.  Finding a way to measure mental toughness and grit is a necessity if you wish to teach it to the masses.  With this in mind I came up with 7 situations that win and lose close matches and I regularly remind…

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PODCAST Episode 12: Marketing and Promotion of Wrestling and MMA with Ben Askren

Ben Askren was a four-time All-American and two-time NCAA Division I champion at the University of Missouri. Askren moved into freestyle, making the 2008 Olympic Team that competed in Beijing. Now Askren is the ONE welterweight champion. He’ll join the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast to talk about promotion of wrestling and share some thoughts about…

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front headlock shuck

Front Headlock Finishes: The Shuck

There is a front headlock in the vast majority of wrestling matches, so learning to defend and attack from this scenario can turn an average wrestler into a great one. The front headlock shuck takes advantage of a quick change in direction, and uses an opponent’s hustle into a weapon for an easy score. But…

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Dresser Dump

Dresser Dump

  The Dresser Dump is a great move that requires exact timing, feel, and technique. Once all these things come together, you have a hold that can produce falls against the toughest opponents. Pressure is the key to a Dresser Dump. Instead of forcing the maneuver, the offensive wrestler releases pressure to bait his opponent…

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