Steve Preston

Steve Preston is the head Sports Performance Specialist at Youth Athlete Training. He has trained, taught, and coached well over 10,000 athletes and students for over 20 years. His athletes have ranged from 6-year-old rookies to the NFL. Steve has a Master of Science and Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education. He is also a Youth Fitness Specialist. Steve is the author of ‘Ultimate Wrestling Strength’ and ‘Bodyweight Sports Training’.

Steve is your guide to developing your youth athletes in the safest, most effective ways possible.

We are here to help parents and coaches discover the truth about training youth athletes for long-term athletic development… not just a quick fix.

Our programs are based on the need to build complete athletes, not just one-trick-ponies. We want our athletes to experience success at every stage of their growth and development and will carry over to a lifetime of athleticism, health, and appreciation for fitness.

Ultimate Wrestling Strength – Steve Preston

Steve Preston’s book Ultimate Wrestling Strength is an awesome resource on building the strength needed to become an explosive & strong wrestler. He presents in-season, pre-season, and out-of-season programs strength programs for wrestlers of all ages they can use to build strength and power all year long. For complete details click here: Ultimate Wrestling Strength