4 Secrets to Mental Toughness: The Wrestling Mindset Needed to Be Champion

Mental toughness is demanded to be successful in all sports and all walks of life.But wrestling demands a special amount to be successful. Just ask anyone that even wrestled in a gym class. But what is mental toughness and how do you achieve it? As a wrestler and more so as a coach I contemplated this for years. As a competitor, The higher the ranks I competed in, I was realistic and knew I wasn’t going to be the most athletic guy. But I did come to the point where I knew I could be the most mentally tough. And … Read More

Integrating strength and conditioning in your session (and how you might be missing the most overlooked piece of the puzzle)

Let me tell you a story behind my nickname. My first year wrestling at Iowa, after getting my butt kicked as a freshman a few times, Coach Gable and I were lifting in the weight room. I’m over there hitting some weights, doing what I had to do, and he comes around the corner chanting at me.  “Weber grill, Weber grill… turn the heat up!”  What he meant – stop slacking and push harder.  Despite the obvious dad-joke nature, it stuck. It worked to light a fire in me, and it became a sort of identity. The nickname was synonymous … Read More

ASW14: Recruiting and retention – How do you get them out for the sport?

On Episode 14 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, NCAA champion and Hall of Fame high school coach Daryl Weber will attack the issues about recruiting new athletes into the sport and more importantly, retaining them so they become more than just someone who “wrestled” once upon a time. Coach Weber points out four areas of retention How do I get them out for the sport? How do I keep them out and retain them?” How do I get them to buy in, work hard and listen? How do I make my wrestling program popular so I can built a … Read More

Set the tone for a perfect practice with the right warm-up

A warm-up is so much more than some light jogging and stretches. It sets the tone for every practice, which in turn sets the tone for the entire season. If you’ve ever seen a dip in motivation, effort, or technique – listen to this episode. A few tweaks at the start might prime your athletes for success down the road. On Episode 17 Attack Style Wrestling, we discuss the first (and arguably most important) part of planning a perfect practice – the warm-up. I share my tried-and-true methods that I still use to warm up my athletes. Full disclosure – … Read More

Granby Roll: Step by step process to show you how to escape from wrestling holds

The granby series is an extremely effective arsenal from the bottom position. Knowing how to defend it is imperative when wrestling a team that is well trained with it. Knowing how to perform a Granby roll and what to expect from a Granby wrestler while adding these key elements to your top game, can put the squash on the Granby series! How do you roll a Granby? Step 1 of Granby Roll: Chop When wrestling a Granby series opponent, an easy fix off the whistle is to switch to the opposite side off the whistle. When chopping your opponents arm, … Read More

The Single Most Important Takedown Skill Required: The Leg Sweep… Shown In 3 Simple Steps

The Single Leg Takedown is the highest percentage takedown at all levels of wrestling. Studies show that the Single Leg is used more than any other leg attack in State Tournaments, NCAA Tournaments, and even World/Olympic Championships. You get in less trouble when you hit a Single Leg with the head to the inside, even without finishing right away. With this being said, your single leg sweep takedown is only as good as your footwork. Learning a sweep single leg takedown can be a game-changer for you in the neutral position! Step 1 of a Leg Sweep: Step To Opponents … Read More

Fireman’s Carry – How to Hit a Fireman Carry Takedown

The Fireman’s Carry is a classic takedown in wrestling and for good reason. It is easy to teach. Hit with authority, It is hard to defend. It gives the wrestler an opportunity for back points from the feet. It you can transition into other holds off of failed attempts. The Fireman’s Carry Hold is effective in almost all forms of wrestling.  Freestyle Wrestling. High School Folkstyle Wrestling. Even Greco Roman Wrestling. How do you do a fireman’s carry? Step 1 Take Control of the Tie There are several ties you can hit a fireman carry from but the most important … Read More

Can you practice wrestling by yourself? Here Are 5 Non-Contact Wrestling Drills You Can Use

Five “Must Have” Non-Contact Wrestling Drills For Those of You Wondering… Can You Practice Wrestling By Yourself? Yes… Be sure you are using the five proven drills and exercise routines listed below to get your athletes to the next level, even if contact is limited.  The sport of wrestling clearly requires being less-than-six-feet-apart. And in a pandemic, that makes it tough to replicate match-like intensity. But does that mean you have to sacrifice skill for safety?  On the contrary. Even during a “normal” season, a well-orchestrated non-contact drill holds extreme value – as a warm-up, a teaching tool, or low-risk … Read More

Wrestling In The Time Of COVID-19 – The Complete Coach’s Handbook​

Wrestling In The Time Of COVID-19 – The Complete Coach’s Handbook Click Here To Download Your Free COVID Handbook Not only will following these guidelines help to keep you and your athletes safe, it’ll keep you covered from a liability standpoint. Of course, good coaches go beyond ticking boxes. Putting athlete welfare at the forefront of your season doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice development. Successful wrestling in the time of COVID might be a bit of a balancing act. But when done correctly, you’ll inspire the type of buy-in from athletes (and their parents) that translates to an aggressive, … Read More