Fireman’s Carry – How to Hit a Fireman Carry Takedown

The Fireman’s Carry is a classic takedown in wrestling and for good reason. It is easy to teach. Hit with authority, It is hard to defend. It gives the wrestler an opportunity for back points from the feet. It you can transition into other holds off of failed attempts. The Fireman’s Carry Hold is effective in almost all forms of wrestling.  Freestyle Wrestling. High School Folkstyle Wrestling. Even Greco Roman Wrestling.

How do you do a fireman’s carry?

Step 1 Take Control of the Tie

There are several ties you can hit a fireman carry from but the most important part is getting a secure hold and controlling the tricep of your opponent.

Step 2 Shoot to Both Knees

Shoot deep under your opponent and go to both knee. The deeper penetration the better.

Step 3 Explode and ExtendFireman Carry Hold

You need to ball up and explode and extend, getting your opponents weight off of you.

Step 4 Cover and Finish for the FallFireman's Carry Finish

Making sure to keep your head tight and not letting your opponent get off his back. You have a good chance to secure the fall and or get the maximum amount of back points.



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