Gable the GOAT: How I Made It

Dan Gable is the most successful wrestling coach of all time.  During his 21 years as the head coach at Iowa, Gable won 21 Big 10 championships and 15 NCAA team championships, including nine in a row from 1978 – 1986.  Even more impressive is that Gable and the Hawks are a comeback story. Yes, the Hawks were removed from the throne as the kings of college wrestling from 1987-1990, where Iowa finished 2nd, 2nd, 6th and 3rd at the NCAA championships.  During those years, we see Gable reflect, improve and bring Iowa back to college wrestling greatness by dominating … Read More

Mid to Late Season Peaking: Finish Big

For most high schools around the country, mid-to-late January is the time to start thinking about the postseason and gearing up to qualify for your respective state series. If you’re a young wrestler looking for competitive tactics heading into the postseason… …Or you’re a high school coach balancing the physical preparation, technique, and mindset of an entire team… Then this podcast is for you. On Episode 34 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, we outline a number of strategies to dominate positions and win matches. By the end of this episode, coaches and wrestlers alike will leave with an arsenal of … Read More

The Best 5-Minutes I Spend Each Day

Turn your headache into your competitive advantage…  I used to SUCK at planning practices when I was a newer coach. I tried to do WAY too much in my practices. I was terrible at figuring out how long things would take. I got flustered when things went off course from my plans. As I got a bit more experience and tried to adjust, the pendulum just swung the opposite way: I tried to go more with the flow, but it just felt like we weren’t getting anything done. Practices were unfocused and lacked any energy or intensity.  Eventually I sat … Read More

Building a Perennial Powerhouse – 6 Topics to Game Plan Before November

If you’ve ever wondered how to peak 14 very different athletes at the same time… Or if you’ve ever wanted to build a system guaranteed to outsmart opposing coaches… Then tune-in to today’s episode of the podcast. In Episode 33 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we cover the six key areas every coach needs to game plan before November. Successful seasons depend on your plan of attack. That’s why we’re sharing the exact drills, tactics, and practice plans used to build championship programs year after year. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a step-by-step framework to prepare … Read More

Underhook Knee Pick

The Underhook knee pick is a great move to score big points.  It will have your wrestlers scoring takedowns and back points without the danger of big throws.  This is a great move for folk style wrestling and freestyle wrestling.  Become dangerous from upper body positions with this proven upper body system.   20 Part Complete Video Series: UnderHook -Single -Knee Pick -Hi-C to FHL OverUnder -Push Head to Over Under -Knee Picks, Single Legs, Double -Spin Out -Spin Out to Pancake -Knee Block to Knee, Cross Block -Drag -Inside Pry Swing to Back Front Headlock -Front Headlock Inside trip … Read More

The Fury Drill

  Practice Drills should be used to develop technique, turn technique into match instincts, and create better conditioned wrestlers.  If practice drills are done correctly they should be harder and more tiring that live wrestling.  The fury drill is an intense practice that developed takedown skills and will dramatically improve the conditioning in your wrestlers.  If you like this video and would like more click the banner below.    

The Movement Drill

When battling in a single leg there will be plenty of chances for both wrestlers to quit or bail out on their good position.  The wrestler who stays tough longer is going to win the position and many times will win the match… This video will show you how to build the toughness necessary to win the single leg position. If you would like more click the banner below.

Open Setup to Single Leg

This video shows wrestlers how to use motion, fakes, and physical setups to get opponents moving where you want them.  You’ll learn to use setups that progressively build a system of attacks for any level wrestler. It will work when setting up all other major leg attacks.  If you would like to see more click the banner below.

When Should Kids Start Lifting?

Should kids be lifting weights?  This is one of the most common questions I get and, to be honest, the answer can be a little tricky. Check out this video where I cover: When to know they’re ready What they should be doing What lifting can do for young athletes And much more! If you would like to learn more click the banner below!