Building a Perennial Powerhouse – 6 Topics to Game Plan Before November

If you’ve ever wondered how to peak 14 very different athletes at the same time…

Or if you’ve ever wanted to build a system guaranteed to outsmart opposing coaches…

Then tune-in to today’s episode of the podcast.

In Episode 33 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we cover the six key areas every coach needs to game plan before November. Successful seasons depend on your plan of attack. That’s why we’re sharing the exact drills, tactics, and practice plans used to build championship programs year after year. By the end of this episode, you’ll have a step-by-step framework to prepare any team for success, regardless of level. 

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this episode:

  • The #1 thing coaches need to build a healthy and successful program (3:57)
  • What kinds of detailed rules and expectations should you set within your team? (6:15)
  • The most important thing to remember to build a healthy and successful program (7:40)
  • A framework for training all levels – from the state champ to the kid you pulled out of the hallway (11:30)
  • Complete practice drills and plans for overall development (15:20)
  • Where one or two focus areas can change the game – evaluating your athletes for team and individual-specific development (16:40)
  • The ONE thing every kid should drill in a live scenario (19:30)
  • What first-time, 20+ year coaches, and everyone in between needs to know about building a technique system for high school and college (22:55)
  • The top, bottom, and neutral series you need to catch the opposition off guard (24:20)
  • The critical role of scouting in constructing your technique system (27:38)
  • Your number one off-season goal as a coach (it’s not what you think) (31:00)
  • Systems and strategies to get 14 high school kids to peak at the same time(33:15)
  • The secret sauce to perennial powerhouses – how to develop strength and athleticism for all ages and experience levels (36:12)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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