Underhook Knee Pick

The Underhook knee pick is a great move to score big points.  It will have your wrestlers scoring takedowns and back points without the danger of big throws.  This is a great move for folk style wrestling and freestyle wrestling.  Become dangerous from upper body positions with this proven upper body system.


20 Part Complete Video Series:



-Knee Pick

-Hi-C to FHL


-Push Head to Over Under

-Knee Picks, Single Legs, Double

-Spin Out

-Spin Out to Pancake

-Knee Block to Knee, Cross Block


-Inside Pry Swing to Back

Front Headlock

-Front Headlock Inside trip

-Front Headlock Arm throw

-Front Headlock Arm Spin

-Front Headlock Hip toss

-Front Headlock Lateral Drop

-Front Headlock Body lock step around

Head Lock


Double Overs

-inside Trip

-Step Around (Outside Trip)


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