Granby Roll: Step by step process to show you how to escape from wrestling holds

The granby series is an extremely effective arsenal from the bottom position. Knowing how to defend it is imperative when wrestling a team that is well trained with it. Knowing how to perform a Granby roll and what to expect from a Granby wrestler while adding these key elements to your top game, can put the squash on the Granby series!

How do you roll a Granby?

Step 1 of Granby Roll: Chop


When wrestling a Granby series opponent, an easy fix off the whistle is to switch to the opposite side off the whistle. When chopping your opponents arm, it’s not a good idea to fall to your hip. When chopping keep your back knee in his rear. so it will be harder for them to perform the Granby series.

Step 2 of Granby Roll: Attack an ankle


Another one is switching sides and attacking an ankle to prevent a good Granby series start from your opponent.

Step 3 of Granby Roll: Spiral ride and half nelson


A spirial ride and half nelson ride is also very effective in stopping the Grandy series. From the referees position, as you step your lead foot up, place your belly button hand inside your oponent’s thigh and your elbow hand extends their arm above the elbow. Be sure to get high on your opponent’s base to keep the weight forward and use your head to drive their head down. Keep driving the opponent down, with a combination of lifting their arm and driving their head down, as you drive your half nelson in and look for the far wrist. Once you get the half nelson, the series starts.

Step 4 of Granby Roll: Ankle ride


Another great way to stop the Granby series is to switch sides and apply an ankle ride. Off the whistle, switch sides on your opponent and bump them forward. When their rear is off their ankles, hook their ankle with your inside leg. This will prevent your opponent from executing the Granby series.

Step 5 of Granby Roll: Don’t grab around the waist

A key tactic to always be aware of when wrestling a Granby wrestler is to stay away from reaching around their waist from the opposite side. Be extra aware when going behind your opponent on takedowns. Be sure to grab your opponent’s hip or ankle instead.

In conclusion, the Granby series can cause quite the problems if you’re not prepared. Master these tactics and you’ll eliminate your opponents ability to escape, or even worse, put you to your back!

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