The Single Most Important Takedown Skill Required: The Leg Sweep… Shown In 3 Simple Steps

The Single Leg Takedown is the highest percentage takedown at all levels of wrestling. Studies show that the Single Leg is used more than any other leg attack in State Tournaments, NCAA Tournaments, and even World/Olympic Championships. You get in less trouble when you hit a Single Leg with the head to the inside, even without finishing right away. With this being said, your single leg sweep takedown is only as good as your footwork. Learning a sweep single leg takedown can be a game-changer for you in the neutral position!

Step 1 of a Leg Sweep: Step To Opponents Toe

Out of a good shooting stance, start your sweep single leg by using a power step with your lead foot straight to just outside of your opponent’s toe.

Step 2 of a Leg Sweep: Create Sweep Action

Create the sweep action for your sweep single leg takedown by pivoting your lead knee, punching you lead elbow as you swing your back foot around your opponent’s leg.

Step 3 of a Leg Sweep: Finish in a Bulldog Position

The ideal finish position for your sweep single leg is to have your attack hand planted into the mat, your off-hand grabbing your opponent’s laces and your body up into them.

Mastering the ability to step straight to your opponent’s leg, then punching and pivoting around their leg, will help you get to the sweep single leg quicker and give you a much better angle for your finish. Consistently practicing the ideal backside finish will give your a better chance of staying one step ahead of all troubleshooting options your opponent may throw at you. The quicker your sweep, the quicker your finish!

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