A Martial Arts Belt System for Wrestling

If you’ve ever had a kid try to over-complicate their wrestling style…

Or you simply want a scalable method to build athletes from the ground-up…

Then it’s time to talk Standards of Learning. Teachers have their own standards of learning at every grade level, so why not apply that to wrestling?

On Episode 27 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we discuss how I found success by doing exactly that. We’ll go over the evolution of my training system and detailed applications for youth, middle, and high school levels. By the end of the episode, you’ll leave with a complete package to share across all programs in your pathway – from Day 1 to Division 1.

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s episode

  • The evolution of the Standards of Learning (1:05)
  • How to scale the system to youth, middle school and high school athletes (5:26)
  • Getting your program from Day 1 to D1 (7:45)
  • Why even the most flashy wrestlers train the fundamentals first (9:00)
  • How to nip bad habits in the bud early on (13:30)
  • Comparing standards of learning to the martial arts belt system (16:20)
  • The complete plug and play system for all levels (18:33)
  • The one thing you learn your first day of wrestling that STILL applies in the NCAA (20:45)
  • Make these minor tweaks to beat funk rolls – every time (24:35)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber


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