Part 2: Anatomy of a Perfect Practice Plan

The Anatomy of a Perfect Practice Plan

Part 2 of a a four-part series by coach Daryl Weber on The Anatomy of a Perfect Practice Plan. Coach Weber’s developed a number of tactics from his own experiences as a state champion and national champion wrestler and an accomplished high school wrestling coach.

Coach Weber introduces Part 2 of this four-part series with an explanation of quick drills designed for your practice and the various teaching techniques used and how to find which techniques are right for your wrestlers.

There’s more to the pre-practice speech than “Alright guys, go warm up,” and this is where coach Weber’s expertise shines through.

Quick Drills Technique

  • 5 Methods of Teaching Wrestling Technique
  • — Show-n-Go
  • — Step-by-Step
  • — Reverse Engineer
  • — Mix it up
  • — Reverse Engineering
  • — Sparring

Advanced Practice Plan

Check out our Advanced Practice Planning System here.


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