Developing a Plan for Teaching Top Wrestling

Episode 22 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast focuses on teaching the top position with coach Daryl Weber.

Ultimate Wrestling SystemWarm Up:
In practices with emphasis on the top position any drills we incorporate into the warm up or quick drills segments will focus on the neutral or bottom position.

Drills in the top position will focus on learning to transition from one hold to the next, mastering forward pressure and controlling the bottom wrestler with handles and breakdowns. This may be within a series or between series that compliment each other and make for easy setups. Controlling the bottom wrestler with technical detail and pressure are a heavy focus in these drills.

Techniques will be introduced as a part of a series. Typically the most basic technique will be introduced and then others added to address common defensive tactics the bottom wrestler may present.

Sparring & Situational:
Sparring is a great way to develop the chain wrestling skills and the constant pressure needed to be effective from the top position. As quickly as possible their needs to be a strong emphasis on starting in live situations to develop the true feel and skills needed to dominate from the top position. Sparring and situational wrestling mixed with teaching is a great way to master the top position.


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