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Proven Tactics to Get More Pins & Win Big Matches "Revealed"
Learn the technical series the best wrestlers use to get pins, break opponents and win the BIG matches.
Series #1 – Cross Wrist Series
Series #2 – Crossface Series
Series #3 – Chicken Wing Series
Series #4 – Near Wrist Series
Series #5 – Half Nelson Series
Series #6 – Leg Turns & Drills
Series #7 – Nearside Cradle Series
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I was always taught to be tough and stingy from the top position. I know that I won matches from the top position even when I didn’t turn my opponents. I had competitors comment on the mental toll it took on them by being relentless from the top position.
I quickly learned that when coaching youth and high school wrestlers the top position can be a great neutralizer. Many of my wrestlers have been in tough matches and when they get in the top position they blow the match wide open and even pin tough opponents. If you have been coaching for any time I am sure you have seen the kid that can’t take anyone down, doesn’t look like much but will destroy your wrestler from the top position. I am not saying you should only focus on the top position, but if you combine solid top skills with in-your-face neutral and solid bottom wrestling you will have a tough wrestler.
Wrestlers that learn, master and become relentless with, at least, 1-2 top series will experience much more success than those that don’t
Learn To Break Opponents
Wrestling for Dan Gable you learned how to win the close matches, wrestle to dominate and BREAK your opponents. These things are very hard to do on a consistent basis without knowing how to grind, turn or pin your opponent from the top position. A very small percentage of wrestlers can wrestle that style without being effective on top and these wrestlers are extremely athletic. These athletes are few and far between and these athletes are also vulnerable to a lesser athlete that is tough in all positions.
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The Missing Link
I consider myself very lucky. My high school coach, Dan Mashek, and my college coach, Dan Gable, were both big believers in a punishing style from the top position and they were both very knowledgeable in the skills need to wrestle that style. I have noticed that many wrestlers are very close to being good wrestlers from the top position but they are just missing minor technical skills. Although techniques from the top position may be easier to learn, top wrestling is an art and most coaches and wrestlers are missing the finer points.
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The Solution
If you aren’t a dominant wrestler from the top position then I encourage you to purchase my Ultimate Turns and Pins Series. The turn series and drills that you will be exposed to will give you the road map to becoming the punishing wrestler I have described on this page. It will be up to you to master 1-2 of the series, force them on your opponents and develop the attitude needed. Top wrestling is easy to learn, but it is hard work to execute. Wrestlers need to embrace the challenge, because their is no better feeling than having a tough opponent meltdown under your relentless pressure.
Turns & Pins
by Daryl Weber
Learn to master the art of pinning. Win close matches by understanding how to keep the pressure on your opponent from the top position. Pinning is the ultimate goal in wrestling and this will teach you how to become a brutal pinner.
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P.S. I hope you see the value in this total offer.  This drill series breaks down what it takes to teach wrestlers to effectively develop an in-you-face attacking style.  Using the different phases will allow you to implement this style at any age level and helps you to pin point problem areas quick and fix effectively.   If you don't agree with me you will get a 100% no questions asked return on your money.  Absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  (Click here to get this awesome package now. )