What They Don’t Tell You About Parents in the Practice Room

Whether you have an open-door policy for all training sessions, or you lock the door the minute practice starts, you need to listen to this episode of the podcast. Parents in the practice room can be both a positive and negative influence, depending on how you use them.

On Episode 25 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we discuss everything about parents in the practice room – from having tough conversations to forming a support team for the kids. By the end you’ll know exactly how to manage this crucial part of your athletes’ support system, and use their involvement to provide what’s best for each kid. 

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s episode: 

  • 2:45- A personal anecdote from my time at Christiansburg
  • 4:00 – When parents add pressure, there’s no escape
  • 6:55 – Can having parents in the room develop internal drive?
  • 8:32 – Is this a situation unique to wrestling?
  • 11:25 – Navigating tough conversations with parents with tact
  • 12:30 – The positives of parental involvement (instead of saying no, try this!)
  • 14:18 – Can some parents help coach? (Especially if they’re a former decorated wrestler themselves?)
  • 17:05 – The ONLY thing that matters when it comes to parents in the practice room
  • 18:45 – The power of delegation – when does a distraction turn into an asset?
  • 21:24 – Streamlined resources for parents, coaches, and everyone else in the athletes corner

Stay strong,

Coach Weber 



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