Developing a Plan for Teaching Bottom Wrestling

Episode 21 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast focuses on teaching the bottom position with coach Daryl Weber.

Warm Up Drills:

Outside of your normal calisthenics we will insert solo drills that focus on one of three things. The first are base drills that will focus on properly building the base position from various other positions. Second will be solo drills focusing on the technical actions used in the bottom position with a heavy emphasis on explosion off the whistle. Third we will use solo drills focusing on chaining holds together.

In practices focusing on the bottom position we will utilize drills in various portions of practice. Their will be two main types of drills. The first is our Master Skill Set drill. This will focus on performing high intensity repetitions of the most crucial offensive techniques in bottom wrestling. Two elements that will be heavily incorporated and emphasized will be chain wrestling and explosion. The second type of drill will focus on developing a strong base position from the the feet, one knee and both knees.

Offensive Techniques:
This category will include such things as our Stand Up, Sit Out, Switch and Roll series. These techniques are meant to attack from the bottom position. The best strategy from the bottom position is to use these series along with explosion and chain wrestling to take control in the bottom position and earn your Escape or Reversal as quickly as possible.

Reactionary Techniques:
A large part of success on the bottom position is understanding how to stay out of the top wrestlers offensive holds and clear them. The techniques in this category are essential and the must be drilled like any other. The sooner you can develop the muscle memory needed to clear wrist controls, claws, legs etc.. the more confidence you’ll gain in the bottom position.

Sparring & Situational:
Sparring is especially important in the development of the bottom position. Putting wrestlers in specific situations and having the top wrestler resist around 75% will allow the bottom wrestler to work the techniques and give them a realistic view at the same time. This will force them to chain holds together, maintain a solid base position and execute the proper techniques. Mixing in live scenarios as well will help to cross these skills over to live match instincts as well.


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