Fireman’s Carry – How to Hit a Fireman Carry Takedown

The Fireman’s Carry is a classic takedown in wrestling and for good reason. It is easy to teach. Hit with authority, It is hard to defend. It gives the wrestler an opportunity for back points from the feet. It you can transition into other holds off of failed attempts. The Fireman’s Carry Hold is effective in almost all forms of wrestling.  Freestyle Wrestling. High School Folkstyle Wrestling. Even Greco Roman Wrestling. How do you do a fireman’s carry? Step 1 Take Control of the Tie There are several ties you can hit a fireman carry from but the most important … Read More

3 Step Process to Pull Off a Funk Roll to Seagirt

The funk roll to seagirt will add another tier to neutral defense that will teach your wrestlers how to score when they’re in bad position. It will flip the table and put the pressure on your opponent, often times breaking their spirit and changing the coarse of the match. Step 1: Start with a funk roll With your opponent in on a head to the inside single leg, funk roll them by falling off their back and attacking their near ankle with both hands. As you roll across your back, extend their leg and pull it across so you end … Read More

Properly Hit the Near Arm Far Leg

The near arm far leg is a tremendous technique for a lot of reasons. It turns defense into offense, is extremely hard to counter, leads to a quick finish, and can easily result in a match ending fall. Even when you have been beaten to the tie you can still score. Key elements to this technique include head position, maintaining a shooting stance, and using a drop step to create space. Once these elements are in place, the attacking wrestler falls into easy points. Use this variation on a single leg, the #1 takedown in the world, to turn your … Read More

Wrestling Takedowns: Pass-by / Slide-By Series

The pass-by takedown (or slide-by wrestling) is a low risk move that translates to easy points at crucial moments. Not only are the positions that lead to a pass-by, or “slide-by” common, but the move is easy to execute and can be drilled for high repetitions with minimal effort. Keys to this move include understanding pressure, changing directions, and how to explosively turn your hips. Once these elements are in place, an opponent’s collar can quickly be turned into a trap. Three Steps to Drilling the Slide-by Wrestling Technique Step 1: Use the pressure When your opponent has a collar … Read More

Switch / Re-Switch to a Step Over Chain Wrestling

Hello, Part of success in the bottom position is being dangerous. Escaping is fine, but it will be a lot easier if the top man is constantly concerned with being reversed. This is doubly true if back points are in the picture. The switch series, in particular the stepover, is a tremendous series of techniques that opens up counters and scrambles from a wide variety of situations. A wrestler who has mastered the switch/re-switch/stepover series, will have a deep knowledge of hip heisting be extremely difficult, as well as dangerous, to ride. Yours In Wrestling, Coach Weber For this full … Read More

Front Headlock Finishes: The Shuck

There is a front headlock in the vast majority of wrestling matches, so learning to defend and attack from this scenario can turn an average wrestler into a great one. The front headlock shuck takes advantage of a quick change in direction, and uses an opponent’s hustle into a weapon for an easy score. But speed and surprise are not the only keys to this technique, understanding proper body positioning is the difference between the exposing yourself or your opponent to danger. Learn the front headlock shuck, and you’ll have an ace up your sleeve in the most crucial and … Read More

How To Properly Hit The Dresser Dump Takedown In 4 Simple Steps

The Dresser Dump is a great move that requires exact timing, feel, and technique. Once all these things come together, you have a hold that can produce falls against the toughest opponents. Pressure is the key to a Dresser Dump. Instead of forcing the maneuver, the offensive wrestler releases pressure to bait his opponent into a poor position. From here the attacker establishes an angle and explodes to big points. Four Simple Steps To Hit the Dresser Dump Takedown Properly Step 1: Start in a front headlock position and circle From a front headlock position, start your Dresser Dump by … Read More

4 Steps to Develop Your “John Smith” Low Single Leg Takedown

The “John Smith” low single leg takedown has slightly different fundamentals than most takedowns, but once you master them you will be on your way to easy scores, and have the keys to controlling important scrambles. The key to the “John Smith” low single leg is to set it up with proper footwork. Once the footwork is in place, wrestlers must understand how to penetrate, and most importantly, how to position their bodies once they are in on the shot. Step 1: Start in the ideal John Smith low single position The ideal low single position is having your inside … Read More

Window High Crotch Takedown

The high crotch takedown is a core technique in the neutral position. The inside tie set up is one of the best to get you to the leg, while the double leg finish is ideal in securing the takedown. This takedown offers the unique combination of the effectiveness of getting to one leg and the ability to secure both legs. Having the wrestlers finish with a Shelf and Claw reinforces controlling the hips and countering any attempts to Funk Rolls. How do you do a high crotch in wrestling? Step 1: Inside tie with v-block set-up For the inside tie … Read More

Arm Drag Takedown

The arm drag takedown is one of the best and most basic in wrestling. Mastering this technique teaches wrestlers the fundamental skill of keeping their arms short, and shows them how to punish those who don’t! Key elements to the arm drag series are controlling wrists, establishing head position, and forcing your opponent to pressure into you. Once these elements are in place, you are in position to score a takedown with essentially no risk! How do you do an arm drag? Step 1 Footwork – Outside Step and Pivot Your footwork will start by stepping toe to toe with … Read More