Arm Drag Takedown

The arm drag takedown is one of the best and most basic in wrestling. Mastering this technique teaches wrestlers the fundamental skill of keeping their arms short, and shows them how to punish those who don’t! Key elements to the arm drag series are controlling wrists, establishing head position, and forcing your opponent to pressure into you. Once these elements are in place, you are in position to score a takedown with essentially no risk!

How do you do an arm drag?

Step 1 Footwork – Outside Step and Pivot

Your footwork will start by stepping toe to toe with your oppoonent, making sure not to get too overextended with your initial step. When hitting the drag, change directions quick, head stays on same plane and punch with your same side hip.

Step 2 Drag the wrist control side, pull them to the mat

At the same time as your footwork starts, grab right above tricep, then step and punch with same side hip. Think about pulling opponent to the mat and catch their far hip to secure them.

Step 3 All one motion!

Execute the arm drag in all one motion – footwork, punch with the hip, pull opponent to the mat and catch the far hip. He goes down, you stay on your feet. It’s very important to know that once you go for the drag, the opponent knows it’s coming so you have to hit it quick! A great way to set the arm drag up is with forward pressure.

In addition to being safe and easy, the arm drag promotes chain wrestling! An arm drag can he used to set up a lift and return, or even a leg attack such as a single leg. Drill this technique, and you’ll have a lot of easy takedowns falling in your lap! Yours in Wrestling -Coach Weber



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