Window High Crotch Takedown

The high crotch takedown is a core technique in the neutral position. The inside tie set up is one of the best to get you to the leg, while the double leg finish is ideal in securing the takedown. This takedown offers the unique combination of the effectiveness of getting to one leg and the ability to secure both legs. Having the wrestlers finish with a Shelf and Claw reinforces controlling the hips and countering any attempts to Funk Rolls.

How do you do a high crotch in wrestling?

Step 1: Inside tie with v-block set-up


For the inside tie with v-block set up, be sure to keep your ear to the shoulder with a v-block. Your inside tie should be meathooked on your opponent’s arm. With your v-block hand, snap your opponent’s head down to get a reaction so you can perform your high crotch takedown.

Step 2: Small backstep and penetrate


When your opponent’s head comes up, take a small backstep with your trailfoot. Take an inside power step with your front foot to penetrate to your high crotch takedown attack.

Step 3: Get to ideal high crotch position as soon as possible


When you get to your high crotch takedown, your outside foot steps up with your toe pointed to the back of opponent’s ankle. Keep your head plugged into your opponent’s armpit and your eyes looking over the far shoulder. Windshield wiper your back foot to allow for a proper finish angle. Be sure your hand on the opposite side of your head is tight on your opponent’s knee and your elbows tight to your side throughout the entire double leg finish technique.

Step 4: Finish with a shelf and a claw


When finishing the high crotch takedown with a double leg finish, keep their legs tight and your shoulder buried in their guts, Shelf the opponents leg and backhand your own leg as your top arm goes to a claw.

The high crotch takedown is a very effective, high percentage leg attack. With this technique, wrestlers develop motion, pressure, and the ability create leg attacks at a moments notice!

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Coach Weber

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