How To Properly Hit The Dresser Dump Takedown In 4 Simple Steps

The Dresser Dump is a great move that requires exact timing, feel, and technique. Once all these things come together, you have a hold that can produce falls against the toughest opponents. Pressure is the key to a Dresser Dump. Instead of forcing the maneuver, the offensive wrestler releases pressure to bait his opponent into a poor position. From here the attacker establishes an angle and explodes to big points.

Four Simple Steps To Hit the Dresser Dump Takedown Properly

Step 1: Start in a front headlock position and circle

From a front headlock position, start your Dresser Dump by cupping your opponent’s chin with one hand and their armpit with the other. Circle your opponent towards the chin side. As you’re circling, twist your hips so your chin side is facing the mat.

Step 2: Dropstep and drop the shoulder

When you get your opponent to circle, perform a dropstep with your back foot, change levels with your lead foot and drop your shoulder under your opponent’s chest as you keep a hold of their armpit.

Step 3: Penetration step

After you’ve changed levels in your Dresser Dump, trap your opponents head with your chin while attack their crossleg with your chin hand. Take a penetration step to drive them to the mat.

The Finish

When you drive your opponent to the mat, post your head on the opposite side while you elevate the attack leg. As you pin their back to the mat, release the leg and apply an underhook to finish the Dresser Dump in a pin position.

The Dresser Dump is a deadly hold that presents itself in virtually every match! Don’t leave those points on the table.

Yours In Wrestling,
Coach Weber



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