Wrestling Takedowns: Pass-by / Slide-By Series

The pass-by takedown (or slide-by wrestling) is a low risk move that translates to easy points at crucial moments. Not only are the positions that lead to a pass-by, or “slide-by” common, but the move is easy to execute and can be drilled for high repetitions with minimal effort. Keys to this move include understanding pressure, changing directions, and how to explosively turn your hips. Once these elements are in place, an opponent’s collar can quickly be turned into a trap.

Three Steps to Drilling the
Slide-by Wrestling Technique

Step 1: Use the pressure

When your opponent has a collar tie applied and is using heavy pressure, a passby takedown will prove to be very effective. Start by pushing into them to create pressure back into you. When the opponent applies the pressure, use your elbow opposite your collar tie to attack above their elbow to take their collar tie off of you. At the same time, pull them by with your collar tie as you step out of the way. Finish the passby by taking them to the mat with a mat return of your choice.

Step 2: Akin Passby

From the same collar tie position, do the same passby technique but this time apply your hand opposite your collar tie on top of your opponent’s elbow for your passby.

Step 3: Knee block finish

When using either the passby or the Akin passby, the opponent will oftentimes square up on you. When they do, use the hand oposite your collar tie to block their same side leg at the knee. Drive your opponent over the blocked leg using your collar tie to push their upperbody over their leg.

Use the pass-by, and this “won’t know what hit em” scenario will make you a dangerous wrestler who can take advantage of a tired wrestler who is leaning, or a energetic one who is pushing with equal effectiveness.

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Coach Weber

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