3 Step Process to Pull Off a Funk Roll to Seagirt

The funk roll to seagirt will add another tier to neutral defense that will teach your wrestlers how to score when they’re in bad position. It will flip the table and put the pressure on your opponent, often times breaking their spirit and changing the coarse of the match.

Step 1: Start with a funk roll


With your opponent in on a head to the inside single leg, funk roll them by falling off their back and attacking their near ankle with both hands. As you roll across your back, extend their leg and pull it across so you end up between your opponent’s legs.

Step 2: Build up


If your opponent steps over your funk roll to the same side as the leg you have, keep your grip on the ankle to prevent them from getting their hips up. Post your opposite hand and start building your knees under you to get height on your opponent.

Step 3: Seagirt finish


When your opponent turns toward you, apply a seagirt. Do this by wrapping your opposite elbow around the ankle you are controling and wrap the opposite knee with the same hand. Apply a crossface with your other arm and work for the fall.

The key to the funk roll is to get to an ankle and get between your opponent’s legs. The seagirt is a great way to finish the funk roll and add to your defensive skills. Never give up an easy takedown again with this proven scramble system.


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