6 Step Near Side Cradle Series

In this video I go over the Near Side Cradle Series, which results in more pins than any other series in top wrestling. All aspects of the move are covered, starting with how to setup the maneuver, how to properly lock it up, and then a series of finishes which will allow you to get the fall no matter how your opponent chooses to defend you. Pay attention to the details and technique of locking the cradle up, the positioning of the elbows, and the pressure applied to the head and knee in order to gain back exposure. How To … Read More

Bottom Position Wrestling: Turning My Weakness Into a Strength. How Being Bad At the Down Position Pushed Me To My NCAA Title

In my Sophomore year at Iowa, we took second at the National Tournament and as a team, we struggled a bit throughout the year. I was the starting 158 lber that year and was having a season with some ups and downs. My biggest weakness was the bottom position and it caught up to me one night in Minneapolis. We went on the road to wrestle U of Minnesota and we lost the dual. I lost a match in that dual because I couldn’t get out from the bottom position. Coach Gable gave us a looong talk on the way home … Read More