6 Step Near Side Cradle Series

In this video I go over the Near Side Cradle Series, which results in more pins than any other series in top wrestling.

All aspects of the move are covered, starting with how to setup the maneuver, how to properly lock it up, and then a series of finishes which will allow you to get the fall no matter how your opponent chooses to defend you.

Pay attention to the details and technique of locking the cradle up, the positioning of the elbows, and the pressure applied to the head and knee in order to gain back exposure.

How To Perfect a Near Side Cradle Series Technique

Step 1:  The Finer Points


It’s important to lock your cradle up with your front elbow behind the neck, and back elbow behind the knee. Pound their head with your elbow bend to get it even closer to the knee. The Gable lock is probably the strongest, and a great way to practice getting it is with the wheel drill. Set it up with the chop, and watch your opponent react by looking in.

Step 2:  Barbell Finish


Always try to freight train the opponent over to their far hip. Your knees should then come in and lift the opponent up. Be sure to corkscrew your opponent into the cradle position so their knee comes to the outside as this makes it much easier to get the pin.

Step 3:  Crunch Cradle Finish


If your opponent is blocking your knees and preventing the barbell cradle, scoop the near leg and get the ankle on the hip. Take him into the cradle position slow and controlled.

Step 4:  High Leg Over – Pop On Top finish


What if your opponent is crossing their legs to prevent the crunch finish? High leg over and pull with your back elbow. Once they are in danger, immediately pop back up on top and corkscrew them into the cradle position.

Step 5:  Backbridge finish


If the bottom wrestler tries a baseball slide duck under, drive them to the near hip, backbridge and corkscrew the opponent into the cradle position. It is very important for the partner to tuck the inside foot to avoid injury.

Step 6:  Elevate inside Leg Finish


Finally, if your opponent flattens and glues to the mat, shelf the inside leg below the knee. With the leg shelved, hop the opponent into the cradle position.

The techniques within this cradle series will help you transform yourself into a dangerous wrestler by mastering the ins and outs of the deadliest move in wrestling, the Near Side Cradle! 

Punish on Top
-Coach Weber

Watch the entire series below…



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