Stab Front Headlock

There are a few characteristics that unite great wrestlers, including strong defense, turning defense into offense, and always looking for the fall. These characteristics are brought together by the Stab Headlock. Traditionally the front headlock can be a tight, controlled position that devolves into a lot of squeezing and stalemates, the advantage of the Stab Headlock series is that it places wrestlers in an offensive mindset immediately and negates the common defence. Additionally it places the attacking wrestler in position to look for a cradle and quickly secure a fall. Key points to this technique include making sure that you … Read More

Wrestling Moves from Bottom: 5 Steps to a Sit Out Series

There is probably no escape technique in wrestling that is more underrated than sit outs. Despite the effectiveness of the stand up, it often plays into the hands of leg riders, ankle grabbers, people with effective mat returns, and anyone who is willing to simply “cling”. Because it automatically separates hips, the most crucial aspect of escaping, executing sit outs quickly puts the bottom man close to an escape while placing the top man in an awkward position with few defenses. See the 5 Step Sit Out Series Below Step 1:  Basic sit out position When initiating sit outs, sit … Read More

Shot Defense

In the world of wrestling technique, there are few areas that are absolutely required for success. Shot defense is one of these areas. Shot defense is near the core of any wrestler’s confidence. A wrestler can be ridden, horrible on top, or extremely poor at initiating their own takedowns, and still win. But a wrestler who cannot stop their opponent’s attacks is truly helpless. In addition to solidifying confidence, shot defense can also propel a wrestler to new levels. The ability to turn defense into offense is a characteristic of all great wrestlers. Don’t neglect the techniques that are both … Read More

Over, Under, Around Drill

For a wrestling coach, finding new drills is not the problem. Selecting which ones to implement, on the other hand, can be a tough decision. Drills for youth, drills for conditioning, drills for beginners and veterans…the market is saturated. So with this in mind, it is especially important that coaches focus on drills that can be customized and applied to every individual on their team. The Over, Under and Around Drill is unique because it has the advantage of developing chain wrestling in a context which allows any individual to incorporate his best techniques. Additionally, it exposes the areas of … Read More

Leg Riding Wrestling Series

Leg riding wrestling is a common thread that holds together the best top wrestlers in history. So if you really want to dominate from the top position, understanding its tenets is a crucial step. In this leg riding wrestling series, I lay out the moves, techniques and philosophies that will allow you to use the power in your hips to maximum effect, the end result being a ride which is as diverse as it is punishing. Ever wonder what is Leg Riding in wrestling? Check out the step-by-step below! Step 1: How to get the legs in When learning this … Read More

Chicken Wing Wrestling Series: the 8 steps to one of the most punishing moves from the top position

The Chicken Wing is one of the most punishing moves from the top position. It is a reliable hold for producing points and falls, as well as wearing down an opponent. The Chicken Wing Wrestling Series starts with a breakdown which leads directly into the chicken wing series. Once the wing is secure, the offensive wrestler has many options leading to points and falls. Of particular importance to the hold is learning to quickly concentrate the weight on the far shoulder. Ever wonder what is a chicken wing in wrestling? Read on to learn the step-by-step process for flawless chicken … Read More

Cross Wrist Series

View Post Top wrestling requires a diverse attack, and the Cross Wrist Series gives the top man a wide variety of options to secure back points and the fall. This series works a chop break down, and moves on to the numerous tilts and pinning combination that will present themselves as the positions play out. Key points to the technique are securing the wrist, locking it to the hip, and maintaining forward pressure throughout. Many wrestler waste time by quickly trying to go for the fall against determined opponents, but the tilts in this series give the rider a chance … Read More

6 Step Near Side Cradle Series

In this video I go over the Near Side Cradle Series, which results in more pins than any other series in top wrestling. All aspects of the move are covered, starting with how to setup the maneuver, how to properly lock it up, and then a series of finishes which will allow you to get the fall no matter how your opponent chooses to defend you. Pay attention to the details and technique of locking the cradle up, the positioning of the elbows, and the pressure applied to the head and knee in order to gain back exposure. How To … Read More

Near Wrist Ride

As wrestlers progress to higher levels, it becomes more and more important for them to ride and control their opponents while opening up scoring opportunities for themselves. Using safe rides and series from the top position pays large dividends as opponents improve. The near wrist ride opens up many scoring opportunities, while enabling the top wrestler to wear out the bottom man and control the flow of the match. Key points in the series include maintaining forward pressure, controlling wrists, pinning the far shoulder, and reading what techniques your opponent gives you. The near wrist ride is a great technique … Read More

Crossface Hip Over to Jacobs Hook

< This wrestling series from the top uses leg riding and a Crossface to turn the bottom wrestler. Notice how important it is to not only Crossface but to “Frame the Face” when turning the bottom wrestler. Sometimes a regular Crossface will not be enough, but if the top wrestler Frames the Face and make the bottom wrestler look at them they will get the turn. After receiving back points with the Hip Over then the top wrestler should look for the pin by using the Jacobs Hook. The Jacobs Hook is basically a Chicken Wing with the Legs in. … Read More