Stab Front Headlock

There are a few characteristics that unite great wrestlers, including strong defense, turning defense into offense, and always looking for the fall. These characteristics are brought together by the Stab Headlock.

Traditionally the front headlock can be a tight, controlled position that devolves into a lot of squeezing and stalemates, the advantage of the Stab Headlock series is that it places wrestlers in an offensive mindset immediately and negates the common defence. Additionally it places the attacking wrestler in position to look for a cradle and quickly secure a fall.

Key points to this technique include making sure that you pull down the head, turning the spine and taking away your opponents power and defense. This causes him to quickly choose between surrendering an easy takedown or being pinned.

Master this hard to counter technique and start turning defense into offense before you opponents know what happened.

Get the Fall,

Coach Weber

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