Wrestling Moves from Bottom: 5 Steps to a Sit Out Series

There is probably no escape technique in wrestling that is more underrated than sit outs. Despite the effectiveness of the stand up, it often plays into the hands of leg riders, ankle grabbers, people with effective mat returns, and anyone who is willing to simply “cling”. Because it automatically separates hips, the most crucial aspect of escaping, executing sit outs quickly puts the bottom man close to an escape while placing the top man in an awkward position with few defenses.

See the 5 Step Sit Out Series Below

Step 1:  Basic sit out position


When initiating sit outs, sit back into your opponent, not away. Keep your position tight, abs flexed, being ready to react to chops, pulls, etc. One of the advantages of sit outs is that you can get to the sit out position from anywhere…your belly, side, etc.

Step 2: Seal off, hip heist away


Your first and most basic option when performing sit outs will be to hip heist away. Execute this by first sealing off both of your sides. Push back into opponent with your shoulders raising your hips off the mat, then hip heist away.

Step 3: Head gizoni


When your opponent hangs their head over your shoulder in the sit out position, this is a great time for a head gizoni. Scoot to opposite hip the opponents head is on and post your elbow on the mat as you grab their head. Next, high step away from the head and duck under your opponents arm. Wrap around their waist as you step up and take them to danger. It is very important for you to take a big step with that high leg so you do not get held to the mat. If your opponent sucks you back, hip heist towards their head to escape.

Step 4: Arm gizoni


If your opponent comes over your arm in the sit out position, grab their wrist with your crosswrist hand. Punch your arm up underneath the arm they have over, step up and hip heist under the arm. Again, it is very important to take a big step with your high step leg to make sure you do not get caught on the mat. Finish with the reversal behind your opponent.

Step 5: Knee under stand up


From the sit out position, establish hand control on one side and post your hand on the other. On the post side, raise up and slide your knee where your rear is. Back pressure up to your feet and clear using any stand up finish.

Sit outs also afford options to score reversals and back points, making it one of the few techniques that is fundamentally safe and offensively dangerous. Stay ahead of the curve with this old fashioned powerhouse!

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Coach Weber

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