Chicken Wing Wrestling Series: the 8 steps to one of the most punishing moves from the top position

The Chicken Wing is one of the most punishing moves from the top position. It is a reliable hold for producing points and falls, as well as wearing down an opponent. The Chicken Wing Wrestling Series starts with a breakdown which leads directly into the chicken wing series. Once the wing is secure, the offensive wrestler has many options leading to points and falls. Of particular importance to the hold is learning to quickly concentrate the weight on the far shoulder.

Ever wonder what is a chicken wing in wrestling? Read on to learn the step-by-step process for flawless chicken wing wrestling.

Step 1: Side Chop


With a tight waist ride, chop your opponent’s arm as you block the same side knee and pull them to their side. Gather their arm making a hook with your chop hand, pull their elbow and drive the chicken wing in.

Step 2: Applying the Chicken Wing


Once you get your opponent broken down, get your hips to the their side and get their arm up on your hip to secure the chicken wing. Make a fist in their back and jam your forearm as high up in their armpit as possible, keeping your armpit and shoulder above your opponent’s elbow. Make sure your hips are facing the mat at all times when executing chicken wing wrestling.

Step 3: First Finish – Block the Far Arm


The key to the chicken wing is to get the weight on your opponent’s far shoulder. Use your non-chicken wing arm to block the opponent’s far arm and drive their near shoulder to their ear.

Once you have them on their far shoulder, walk out front and drive your elbow to their ear. To get the pin, take your non-chicken wing wrestling arm around their body, scoop their opposite arm and pin them with chest-to-chest pressure.

Step 4: Basic Chop


From the referee’s position, chop your opponent’s near arm as you drive your knee up their rear. Gather the chicken wing and go into your pinning combination.

Step 5: Head Lever


If your opponent is effective in fighting your chop breakdown, take your waist hand and block the inside of their thigh as use your chop hand to block their wrist. As you spiral out, keep the wrist blocked, put your head in their armpit as you pull their inside hip to the mat. When they hit the mat, scoop their elbow and secure the chicken wing.

Step 6: Chicken Wing and a Wrist


On the opposite side of your chicken wing wrestling, put your hand under their far arm and grab their wrist to block them from posting out. Once you get them to their far shoulder, slip your hand off their wrist and scoop their far arm. Pin them using chest-to-chest pressure.

Step 7: Chicken Wing and a Half


If you opponent fights the far side block, use your opposite side hand to apply a half nelson while keeping your chicken wing. Jump to the side in which you have the half nelson and drive them over to the pin position. Release the chicken wing to get the pin if you have to.

Step 8: Far Side Finish


When you get your opponent to their side, jump over to the opposite side and block with your chicken wing side knee. Keep your chicken wing secured above your opponents elbow so they can not get their arm out and punch your fist to the mat. Circle out front of your opponent, grab their chin with your opposite hand and suck them back for the pin.

Punish On Top,
Coach Weber

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