What Do You Stand For?

I was recently listening to a seminar and the guy talking was exploring building a successful business.  I often read books and try to educate myself on how to succeed in the business world because I consider a coach to be a CEO of a business (their team) or a competitor a CEO of a personal business (themselves).  Building a successful business, a wrestling team and becoming a great wrestler all have a lot in common.

This guy told those who were listening to write down “what do you stand for”.  Someone said “writing quality books on Chinese Culture” and the speaker said “no” you have to go deeper.  This made me think back to when I took over the Christiansburg Wrestling Program.

Months after I took over this program which at that point we were the 5x defending state champs and had eased into the national rankings.  I knew a lot of people would look at this like a chance to go nowhere but down.  But I saw a lot room for improvement to be had.  This parent cornered me and told me “I don’t know what your goals are for the program but you better decide if you want to be national champ or what”.  I won’t even go into how messed up this statement was, I will just say that regardless it made me think about what I really wanted to accomplish as the coach of this program.

The first thing that came into my head was “we have to win states, keep our national ranking ect…” but then I realized I didn’t win a national title in college because I sat around thinking “I want to win a national title”.  The reason people gain true success comes from what they really stand for and what type of decisions they make on a daily basis.

I took at close look at what I respected out of my former mentors, what I felt lead to my own personal success, what I felt lead to others demises and also continued to educate myself on how others gain true success.  Without writing an entire book I am going to tell what I came up with at the core level.

I broke it down to the simplest form and came up with these two core qualities my wrestlers needed to understand, Accountability and Resilience.  If they understood this and showed up to train with me the accolades would come and they would be prepared for true success when they leave our program.

Like I mentioned, I could write a book on why I came up with these two values, good and bad examples and situations where it is important to understand these values.  That is for a later article.

Putting emphasis on these two qualities has not only lead our program to seven more state titles, but I have sent roughly 90% of my graduating seniors to wrestle in college, at some level.  I feel if you don’t understand how to hold YOURSELF accountable and how to be resilient you will never tap into your fullest potential.

So, athletes and coaches I challenge you over the next few days put thought into what you stand for.  I stand for holding yourself accountable and being resilient and think the youth of our nation need to understand the value in this.

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7 thoughts on “What Do You Stand For?”

  1. I completely agree Coach…. Accountability is something that is truly lacking in this generation. And it is something that hasn’t been passed along by the parents in our generation. I have wrestlers as well as young ball players who don’t think they need to show up to practices or games and matches. And they think nothing is wrong with this. And I have come to realize that it is the parents who are fostering this by not holding their kids accountable. Yet they still get upset when they don’t obtain the highest levels of success without having the accountability to get there. We need to instill Accountability into the youth that we coach and mentor!

  2. What you say holds true on the mat, at the office, and in the board room. If you won’t hold yourself accountable, you’ll look for excuses and miss the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. If you’re not resilient, you quit the first time you’re chewed up and spit out.
    Thank you coach, for pointing out the importance that successful wrestling plays in the success in the workplace and life.

  3. that percentage going on to college is awesome, yes when you are accountale to others its a great motivator, kind of like positive peer pressure.

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