Do you ever feel unsure of what to teach first year wrestlers for quick success or the techniques a veteran wrestler needs to win the STATE TITLE?  If so...

Coach Weber Reveals His Championship Technique System!

20+ Hours of Systematized Technical Instruction Designed to Teach First Year Wrestlers and Defending State Champs the Skills They Need to Quickly Move to Their Next Level!

STOP wasting time chasing every new technique or variation!  Sink your teeth into a system you can have total confidence in.  Most coaches waste valuable practice time teaching too many new holds or the newest variation.  Good coaches and wrestlers master the basics and build from there.  They focus on mastering the smaller details of proven skills and drills.  Don't get caught up in learning new moves constantly.  You never get great at anything and you waste time that could be spent in more productive areas.  Daryl Weber has used his system to coach wrestlers to state and national titles.  He uses it every year to develop his wrestlers quicker than the competition.  This system has lead to Christiansburg Wrestling's 13 consecutive state championships.  Don't waste any more time.  Get it now!!!


Have 100% Confidence
These are Proven Techniques & Systems!!!

Daryl Weber
Gable Trained 1996 NCAA Champion
Head Coach Christiansburg HS Past 8 years
Assistant Coach Previous 6 years
13 Straight State Team Championships
Coached 42 Individual State Champions in past 8 years
Coached 40 State Place Winners in past 8 years
2013 Dapper Dan Team USA Coach

Coach Weber has been the head coach at Christiansburg HS for the past eight years and the assistant coach the previous six years.  Christiansburg HS has won the past 13 state championships.  Over The past eight years roughly 90% of our graduating Seniors have gone to college on scholarships.  Christiansburg's success is from developing ALL wrestlers.  The system Coach Weber teaches helps those trying to win there first match as well as his wrestlers trying to climb the national rankings.  

The Ultimate Wrestling System

  • Ultimate Takedown System

    12 One hour sessions – With this series you will not be overloaded and left with your head spinning.  You will be given just the right amount each session so you have time to master the techniques and will be eagerly for the next session. Regular $127.00

  • Escapes & Reversals Series

    14 Escape and Reversal Series and Drills – Learn to explode off the bottom, chain wrestle and keep from getting ridden.  The techniques you will learn in this series will work for first year wrestlers and national champs.  Regular $49.00

  • Ultimate Turns & Pins Series

    Seven Series with nearly three hours of instruction – Wrestling for Dan Gable you learned how to win the close matches, wrestle to dominate and BREAK your opponents.  These things are very hard to do on a consistent basis without knowing how to grind, turn or pin your opponent from the top position. Regular $49.99

  • Ultimate Front Headlock Series

    2 Hour Clinic – The Front Headlock position is a position that beginning wrestlers can use to score points and build confidence from day one and the most advanced wrestlers can use to force their offense on opponents and score offensively and defensively. Regular $49.99

  • Granby Defense System

    Series of drills your team or wrestler can perform to quickly learn how to stop the Granby Roll.  If you have faced a team that spends a lot of time working on the Granby System, then you know how dangerous they can be and that is why it is important to have a game plan when facing them Regular $32.00

Total Value = $308.97

Tiered Outline of Each Series

pdf1-300x300In the members area you will find downloadable pdf's for each series.  Each pdf has a list of all the techniques demonstrated in that series.  The techniques are color coded for "Beginners", "Advanced", and "Expert".  Use these different tiers to work through the 20+ hours of instruction in a systematic fashion.  Master one level and then move to the next.  Always building off solid fundamentals.  The basics that win big matches are etched in your wrestling when you learn in this fashion.  These outlines will give you 100% confidence when putting together practice plans.  


Ultimate Wrestling System

Tiered Teaching

You will have everything you need to map out your path to success with 100% confidence.  Coach Weber backs is system with years of proven success.

Knowing this system was inspired by his years under Coach Gable and developed for over a decade in the trenches with high school and youth wrestlers should make this a must have!


“Daryl I really appreciate you putting your system together in video. It dovetails perfectly with the systems we have in place. I had your Ultimate Wrestling System on my wish list all year. Our head coach purchased it last week. Your systematic approach will help us in our effort to always be purposeful in what we teach. As a young coach I had a shotgun style of coaching. I wanted to show every move in the book. I think it was mostly an effort to impress the team as I was more interested in my own credibility than I was their success. Over time, I put my focus where it belonged and we developed systematic progression drills that have helped our boys grow by leaps and bounds. The Ultimate Wrestling system will make good wrestlers great and great wrestlers deadly.

We have a few seniors that are struggling to get off the bottom. I’ve always considered that to be a weak spot in our program. Your escapes and reversal series will be invaluable and worked on all week as we head into districts this Friday.”

Mark Gentry, Assistant Varsity Wrestling - Eureka High School

Video Testimonial

"If you asked any of our wrestlers, what made the difference this year, I have no doubt they would name your system as one of the primary factors in their improvement."

Tim Marshall
Assistant Coach at Tennessee High School
Coach at Viking Wrestling Club

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If after watching just one hour of the 20+ hours of instruction you don’t feel like you or your wrestlers will benefit from the technical systems you can get a full money back return.  I am so confident this system can help any level wrestler move to the next level that I am offering this complete money back guarantee.

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Ultimate Wrestling System

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Daryl Weber

ps1I hope you see the value in this total offer.  The techniques you will get in the Ultimate Wrestling System work at all levels.  Using the tiered teaching strategy and the information in the bonus video you will be able to take my system and use it at ANY level.  Use it to teach beginning youth wrestlers all the way to athletes preparing for the NCAA finals.  If you don't agree with me you will get a 100% no questions asked return on your money.  Absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  (Click here to get this awesome package now. )