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Three Part System

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  • Insider Strategy #1 - Understanding Levels of Commitment

    Plan your ideal training system, but take into consideration various commitment levels and have multiple paths for development.

  • Insider Strategy #2 - Addressing Experience Levels

    Know what each of your wrestlers need, designing a plan that gives each of your wrestlers what they need to reach their next level will give a program a tremendous boost.

  • Insider Strategy #3 - Develop Physically & Mentally

    Working from a system that provides the proper level of technical, strength & athleticism, confidence and mental toughness… With the right training program designed to progressively develop each of these areas with systematic programming and easy to follow tools.

  • What's the Next Step?

    Get Your $556 worth of FREE training systems as well as all the tools hosted in our Gable Trained Members Area, all at your fingertips by signing up for Gable Trained today. Everything comes with a 90 “no worries” guarantee!!!

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Get YOUR FREE Summer Training Zip Drive!Join Gable Trained today ($57) and get your Summer Peaking ZIP Drive ($556 Value) FREE


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Congrats! You Just Watched The Free Training...

What's Next...

Coach Daryl Weber here...

You see, I didn’t win 9 consecutive state championships as a head high school coach and Dan Gable didn’t win 25 Big Ten Titles and 14 NCAA Titles by only making sure our most motivated athletes were doing the right thing every summer…

Yes, it is important to have the proper strength and conditioning programs in place, proven systems for technical development at work and methods for continually build mental toughness and confidence all in place for your athletes that are chomping at the bit to train all summer…


What about the athletes that want a break, are playing other sports or just aren’t that consistent? ...YET

Most athletes will fall into this category. They just need to be handled correctly, to bring out that inner drive needed to tap their potential. These are the athletes that win championships…

Whether you're talking about your son or daughter that won't get out of the house in the summer or the borderline kids you know could be superstars in your program but just won’t commit.

I have a system for dealing with all of them that I learned from Dan Gable. I tailored and tweaked the system in the trenches with youth and high school athletes for over 15 years…

And this system consistently produced my HSE!

What's an HSE?

When the fans and opposing coaches see your athletes for the first time since last season…

And they say 'Holy S**t…'  How did that kid get SOOOO GOOD! (AKA The Holy S**t Effect or HSE)

I know how to achieve incredible development over the summer months with my most dedicated athletes…

And I know how to persuade, inspire, and motivate even the “lazy” athletes.  

So here is what you’re going to get when you join Gable Trained today with your 14-day free trial:

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Receive
When You Join Gable Trained Today!

So Here's The Deal...

When you join Gable Trained today we are going to ship you ALL of the following for FREE… on a THUMB Drive (AKA: Zip Drive, Flash Drive, or USB Drive) we'll even pay the shipping!

I’ll rush it straight to your door. You'll have it to keep regardless if you stay a part of our Gable Trained team or not.

Pretty sweet huh?

You're going to want to jump into the Gable Trained Members Area too...

Check it out... There's a Peaking System for all four seasons as well as our complete Standards of Learning Practice System (SOLS).

I could go on and on, covering all the action plans, mini-courses, video instruction etc... but I would be writing for days!

Like I said, the entire Summer Training System (THUMB) Drive [$556 Value] is yours to keep and you'll be charged just $57.00 a month to continue your membership to Gable Trained, but only if you love it!


Don't Take My Word For It!

Listen To What Gable Trained Members
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ALL My Coaching Needs Are In Your Program!”


"Excited & Please With Progress Our Team Made…
I Love The Gable Trained Section!"


Pretty Sweet...  Huh?

The Gable Trained Summer (THUMB) Drive!

For becoming a part of our Gable Trained community today...

I am going to ship you (we pay for shipping!) our Summer Peaking System (Thumb) Drive, for FREE.

This drive is loaded with the summer programs I relied on for over a decade to take ALL my wrestlers up a level...

Gable Trained Summer Peaking USB DriveCatching, passing or staying ahead of the competition, year after year.

You'll have the exact step-by-step blueprint I used to train wrestlers of all experience, age and commitment levels.

And the Summer Peaking (THUMB) Drive is just the beginning!

What you'll get in the Gable Trained Community will blow your mind...

Anything you need to know about developing wrestlers, building a program and tapping yours (and your wrestlers) fullest potential...

It's all in there.

Sound to good to be true?  Well it's NOT!

By getting in on this package you'll cut out all the trial and error as well as the guess work...

And arm yourself with the same programs the best coaches and wrestlers have been using to dominate the competition for decades!

Sound like a fair deal???

  • Easy To Follow Summer Training Seminar… this eliminates any guesswork on choosing the right path. Simply follow along with the three-part video series and you’ll maximize gains without overtraining your wrestlers.
  • Formulas For Creating High-Performance… Our six-part Summer Seminar walks you through identifying technical areas to focus on for growth and delivers detailed Strategies for Huge Technical, Strength and Mental Gains.
  • Each color-coded section is part of a strategically designed schedule to build off the previous section to propel you to faster wrestling gains.
  • Age-specific principles and strategies for training your athletes. When you’re training youth athletes, it’s important you not only know what to do but what NOT to do to avoid damaging your youngsters – this section of the manual provides all the vital information you’ll need.
  • The Best Nutrition For Your Athletes… and which Foods to avoid at all costs. You’ll know exactly how many servings of each type of food to include in every meal to achieve your specific goal. Then you simply combine the healthy foods you bought in the right amounts, and you’re all set. Easy!
  • A Dynamic Yoga Routine Specifically for Wrestlers that your athletes can in the summer to ensure their muscles stay loose and their bodies are prepared for the training ahead.
  • Age appropriate exercises. There are different exercises for each age component in the system to account for the formative periods in a youngster’s life. Only the safest age appropriate exercises have been included in the system.
  • Summer vacation beach workout: Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step guide is broken into three parts: Spartan, Ninja, and Samurai.
  • Champions Goal Setting System: After using the five-step guide for establishing goals, coaches often contact us and let us know how much their team's trajectory has changed.
  • 10 Speed And Agility Games… you get ten of the most beneficial yet fun speed and agility games to work into your training. Pick a different one anytime you train… they’re all great fun and super-beneficial for your athletes.
  • Detailed Exercise Descriptions With Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step Pictures. Each exercise your athletes will perform in the system is described in detail, with instructions on the proper form, and a series of photos, detailing the correct execution of the exercise is included in the manual. Just follow along and you can’t go wrong.
  • Advanced Training Series for Wrestlers – these are proven strategies that should be reviewed often. Nine part video series will guide you through the tactics safely and effectively:
  • The Killer Claw Series
  • The Funky Leg Pass System
  • The Unstoppable Cross Wrist Tilt System
  • Want more? How about if we wrap all this up and put it on a thumb drive for you so you can listen when you are in your car or show your team at practice. Of course, you will also have exclusive access to our online platform!
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With Your Help We
Plan On Getting Here!"


“Implemented From Kindergarden
All The Way Through High School"


Gable Trained Members Area
($57.00 Value)

Here's What You'll Get For Being Part Of Gable Trained

Exclusive Gable Trained
Online Training Area

gable trained members area

Everyone needs a coach consistently pushing them to new heights, educating them with the knowledge and experience that's been proven to lead to success. Everyone needs someone providing them with constant motivation to develop a championship attitude and mindset.

Gable Trained is a collaboration between two of the Greatest Minds in Wrestling:

...from Dan Gable (the greatest wrestler and coach the sport has ever known)...

...from Coach Daryl Weber - Gable Trained NCAA Champion and Hall of Fame High School coach who spent 15 years coaching youth and high school. His program won 14 consecutive state titles (9 with him as head coach) and he produced countless college wrestlers, many going on to be Division I, All-Americans...

...from other Gable Trained athletes and experts in areas crucial to wrestling success.

gable trained members area sales page banner


The Gable Trained Online Training Course is our pride and joy!  You'll find access to in-depth practice plans, Gable Wisdom interviews, bonus videos, clinics and much more.

This premium section is $57/month and today for signing up we are going to send you the Summer Peaking System (Zip) Drive for FREE!  The Summer Peaking System (Zip) Drive you be yours to keep absolutely FREE.

You will be charged $57/month as long as you're a member of the Gable Trained Members Area, but there is absolutely no obligation to stay in this program unless you love it and believe it is a complete game changer for you.

Remember everything comes with a full year 100% money back guarantee. AND... You get to keep your Summer Peaking Series on your Summer Thumb Drive, regardless of whether you stay a member or not!

There is nothing else like this...  You are going to have access to Coach Weber, regular insights from Dan Gable as well as other Gable Trained athletes.  This is the opportunity to learn and be mentored by some of the best wrestling minds ever.

Regular: $57

Member Benefits #1
In-Depth Digital Practice Plans
(Included In Gable Trained)

In Depth Practice Plans Section - Detailed practices taken from one of Coach Daryl Weber's 9 State Championship Seasons. Each comes with insights on the "what", "why" and "how" behind each part of the practice.

Each practice contains short videos in each area:

  • Intro video to each practice with special insights and talking points on how I effectively taught the skills in this practice and focus points for mental development
  • Warm up routines that integrate simple individual and partner practice drills that prepare wrestlers mentally and physically as well as build the instincts needed to execute crucial techniques in live situations!
  • Suggested Quick Drills (My Favorite Type of Practice Drills) for picking up the intensity and developing muscle memory with the most important skills in each position...
  • Short technique clips covering the most important teaching points for each series and technique in the practice plan that day.
  • Situational wrestling ideas that are proven to get techniques and skills to sink in quicker than any other method. Put wrestlers in these essential positions and coach them through these live periods for rapid development in even the most novice wrestlers...
  • Conditioning drills taken directly from Coach Dan Gable's practices and tailored to youth and high school development that instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning
  • Extra notes on each practice detailing important themes to convey to your wrestlers to build the mentality needed in wrestling as well as finer technical points that most wrestlers miss out on and how to get them to sink in with wrestlers of all levels.
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Member Benefits #2
Gable Insights
(Included In Gable Trained)

Focused advice from Dan Gable...

...on topics he feels are most important to wrestling success.

Each video comes with a breakdown from myself, a printable takeaway sheet to take to practice and remember the main points and a Quote from Gable that can be...

...printed and pinned up on your wall or practice room and used for motivation!

Member Benefits #3
Advanced Technical Series
(Included In Gable Trained)

New technical series are regularly loaded covering more advanced technical series and drills.

These are presented in a way so they can be easily added to your arsenal as you build off the solid foundation presented in our Standards of Learning...

Member Benefits #4
Gable Trained Complete Peaking System
For Each Season
(Included In Gable Trained)

A training regimen for each season of the year.

Wrestlers of all ages and interest levels are addressed and designed a plan that has been used in many other advanced high school and youth programs to...

...keep development moving forward, keep wrestling fun, have wrestlers competing and peaking at their best at the right times and keep the interest level high and the sport growing….

Member Benefits #5
Bonus Training Courses
(Included In Gable Trained)

Exclusive Bonus Training Courses - Motivational, inspirational and educational videos from Dan Gable, other Gable Trained Wrestlers and experts in fields crucial to wrestling success.

  • Late and Post Season Training Strategies
  • 10 Steps to a Healthy Program
  • 7 Steps to Engineer Mental Toughness
  • Tactical Practice Situations Worksheet
  • How To Identify and Address Technical Development
  • Beating Next Level Opponents
  • 3 Must Reads for Every Coach
  • Planning Practice For All Levels
  • 3 Traits to Frame The Mind For Success
  • Yoga For Wrestlers
  • And always adding more...

Member Benefits #6
Q&A Access Anytime with our community
(Included In Gable Trained)

Get Questions Answered Anytime!

Access to the Gable Trained private community - get questions answered by the Gable Trained Staff and other members.

Our staff, experts, other coaches and members create an extremely supportive and knowledgeable community where you can get questions answered just about any time.

Updates and discussions are often released in this private members-only group...

Member Benefits #7
VIP Pricing On All Products and Events
(Included In Gable Trained)

Access to our VIP Store

24/7 access to discounts on all or our products as well as early bird access to all new products.

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"This Is The Best I've Seen To Date…"

"If you are serious about wrestling or coaching wrestling, Gable Trained Daryl Weber NCAA Champion, n HS Hall a Fame Coach Attack Style drill System is for you. This is the Best I have seen to date, your's truly, "Pete Gonzalez Training of Champions" keep after it Daryl Great job n great product keep them coming, you are impacting the sport of Wrestling in a Mighty way!"

Pete Gonzalez Headshot

Pete Gonzalez,  Training of Champions New Jersey

I Finally Gave In And Have Not Been Disappointed

“I’ve always been a fan of Coach Weber, but like most people, I’m also skeptical of training videos. Most show interesting but not practical technique. I finally gave in and have not been disappointed. Coach Weber’s videos are not only very practical but based on situations that are commonly found and he makes them easy to teach and drill. Outstanding video series.”

chris reed

Chris Reed, Nassau Bay, TX Coach Wrestler MMA Competitor

I Watch An Insane Amount Of Video...
Yours Is The Only Ones I Purchase!

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the videos. We are always looking to improve our skill set. I watch an insane amount of video both nationally and internationally and yours is the only ones I purchase. I love how it puts a solid system in place starting with body position and then connecting everything you teach from there. It really allows kids to master any technique once they have the core system in place. "

andy peterson

Andy Peterson Vandegrift HS, Austin TX

"I really like the opportunities Daryl Weber is providing wrestlers, coaches, and parents in the great sport of wrestling.  These in-depth training resources reminds me of what I studied as an athlete and coach.  One can enhance their wrestling knowledge and successes with these resources and some hard work."

Dan Gable Legendary Coach & Olympic Champion

Here’s Everything Included
On This Page ONLY

Off-Season Strength Training for H.S. Wrestlers$67.00 ValueINCLUDED

Off-Season Strength Training for Youth Wrestlers$67.00 ValueINCLUDED

Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint47.00 ValueINCLUDED

Yoga For Wrestlers$67.00 ValueINCLUDED

Advanced Technical Series: Claw Series$57.00 ValueINCLUDED

Advanced Technical Series: Leg Pass Series$57.00 ValueINCLUDED

Advanced Technical Series: Cross Writs Tilt Series$57.00 ValueINCLUDED

Championship Goal Setting Guide $37.00 ValueINCLUDED

Summer-Season Bonus Course LibraryOver $100.00 ValueINCLUDED

Total Value

Get It All FREE Today For
Joining Our Exclusive Gable Trained Area

What's The Catch?

I want to be totally upfront with you and there are several reasons...

  • After talking to so many of you, I know this is what you want. I know I can have an impact on the sport of wrestling in a positive way, maybe more than anyone ever!
  • You are getting the Summer (THUMB) Drive on a USB drive, loaded with the proven programs you need to make tremendous gains this summer and prepare for your best season ever next school year!

I truly think this members area is a game changer and in there you can access much more than you already getting in the Summer Peaking Series... my digital practices with in-depth breakdowns from me on the most important parts of each of the practices and how to use them best.

You can literally pull them up on your phone or your assistants have the entire practice chopped into…

...short easy to follow and use videos that will walk you through everything (tech, drills, live scenarios, conditioning drills, and speeches along with my complete insights and how I used them best.)

As if that isn’t enough!

I am always adding more practices to this area, these are level two practices that can be used to build upon level one…

As a member of Gable Trained you will be on the mat as more practices are released and Standards of Learning System levels 2, 3 and beyond are released!

As well as having full access to gable inspiration, ideas, motivational pin ups and more…

I am hoping that you see the value in this area and stick with it after your trial period and use it as your #1 resource for you, your wrestlers, staff and parents.

We are always adding new courses, practices and inspirational material. If you decide to cancel you are still going to be able to keep the entire Summer Peaking system (and the THUMB drive).

But…  The Clock Is Ticking…

In more than one way…

The best coaches and wrestlers have always felt the heat of the ticking clock and prepared accordingly…

You never know which practice, sprint, lifting session etc…

will put you over the top!


This is why it is important to get this system now and put it to work for you and all those around you.

This will also be the last time you see all these bonuses included as well.

Get in right now on the Gable Trained Area and we're going to ship you our Summer Peaking System (THUMB) Drive loaded with all the proven programs to help take your wrestling to the next level...

You'll also have instant access to everything in Gable Trained so you start reaping the benefits for ALL our proven systems now!

You Might Be Asking...

“Is This Legit?”
“Is There A Guarantee?”

90 Day!


I know you get busy and that is why I created this training kit to prepare your Wrestlers for SUMMER.  

So even if you're saying, well This is a scam and he’s just hoping I forget to cancel….

Like I said, I know you're busy and even if you get in on this killer training system…

...and forget to cancel for 90 days…

I will still give you a refund.  

So basically I am saying that if sign up today you can stay in all the way through August, which is the end of the summer season

...and get your full money returned if you honestly think it wasn’t worth it.

I had to fight my partners to do this…  

But I said...

#1 - “if someone honestly doesn't think it was worth it I don't want their money”... and my partners came back and said…  

“Well they will just say that, when the season is over anyway”

And said…  “you don’t know the wrestling community”

Then slapped on a chicken wing on them and they agreed to the guarantee:)

call our customer service hotline at 1-844-828-8225

Here's What To Do Next...

Like I mentioned before, this you're going to get $556 in proven training advice and systems ABSOLUTELY FREE, shipped to your door in our Summer Peaking System (Thumb) Drive...

...Just for signing up for our Gable Trained Members Area today for $57.  

From here it's just finalizing the details.  Click on the button below, and complete the checkout process (will take less than 3 minutes), and we can finally get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Order Your Summer (ZIP) Drive
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Your Summer Peaking System (THUMB) Drive will be shipped out within 1-3 business days and you'll immediately receive access to  Your member login to Gable Trained will be sent to your email immediately after purchase -  if you have any problems logging in or access your materials contact us directly at  You'll be charged just $57/month while you are a member of the Gable Trained area until you decide to cancel.  You're under no obligation to stay a member and you can cancel at any time by sending support an email at

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P.S. - Every minute you wait to get in on our "SUMMER (THUMB) DRIVE" is another minute unprepared and unorganized for this wrestling season.  Don’t risk the chance of falling short of your goals at the end of the season.  Use this breakthrough program to quickly and easily Develop Wrestlers of All Ages and Athletic Ability and more!  Click here to get in on it now.

P.P.S. - In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you my SUMMER (Thumb) DRIVE [A $556 Value, for FREE], for joining our Gable Trained area for $57 today.

I the Gable Trained Area you'll have access to member benefits like:

In-Depth Digital Practice Plans, Gable Insight Videos, Advanced Technical Series, A Complete Year Long Peaking System, Tons of Bonus Training Courses, Anytime access to Q & A from Coach Weber or other members of Gable Trained, VIP pricing on all other products, and much more...

You'll have access to everything mentioned and much more (we are always adding new material) for as long as you're a member.  You'll be charged $57/month, but only if you love what you see.  You can cancel anytime and we have a 90  day "no questions asked" full guarantee.

Oh, and no matter if you stay a member or not you'll get to keep the Summer Peaking (ZIP) Drive, loaded with $556 worth of proven training programs...

Sure to make this the best summer of training you've eve had and deliver you more prepared than ever before next wrestling season!

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Click on the "Buy Now" button and let's get you started!

IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER FOR TESTIMONIALS, RISK AND TYPICAL RESULTS As with any wrestling program, you assume certain risks to your health and safety by following the Attack Style Wrestling Standards of Learning System & Bonuses. Any form of exercise can cause injuries if the drills, exercises or techniques are performed incorrectly, and the Attack Style Wrestling SUMMER THUMB DRIVE and Gable Trained is no exception. It is possible that you may become injured doing the drills, exercises or technique in this program, especially if they are done with poor form. Although thorough instruction is included on form for each drill, exercise or technique, realize that the Attack Style WrestlingSUMMER THUMB DRIVE and Gable Trained & Bonuses (like any other wrestling program) does involve a risk of injury. Attack Style Wrestling offers a 100% money-back guarantee — you can return the program for any reason if you are not satisfied with the results. However, Attack Style Wrestling cannot guarantee your results with the Attack Style WrestlingSUMMER THUMB DRIVE and Gable Trained & Bonuses. It is possible that you will not get any results with this program. Coach Weber's story, and the stories of the clients you see on this page are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with the program. They are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated and dedicated clients can do with the program. Your results may vary, and you may not get the same results when using this program due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation. Coach Weber is not a medical doctor or nutritionist. His advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before beginning any wrestling, exercise or diet program.