High Single Leg Finish Against the Cage

Wrestling takedowns for MMA will make a more well-rounded fighter by using common wrestling techniques that translate well into MMA. It will have fighters scoring more takedowns and defending against the toughest wrestlers. It will also use wrestling positions to open opponents up for strikes, submissions, and chokes. It will help fighters add another aspect to their stand up game and ground and pound.

21 Part Video Series:

Video #1 – Single Leg Defense Turn Body Away

Video #2 – Single Leg Defense Double Wrist Lock Series

Video #3 – Single Leg Defense Choke Slam

Video #4 – High Single Leg Def. to Bread Basket Choke

Video #5 – Single Leg Sprawl Take Back To Strikes

Video #6 – Single Defense To Crucifix Series

Video #7 – Finish Series From Back Take

Video #8 – Proper Single Leg Finish On Cage

Video #9 – Inside Trip Series From High Single On Cage

Video #10 – High single

Video #11 – Advanced Double Leg Tkds

Video #12 – High Single Funk Defense

Video #13 – Scoot Defense

Video #14 – Chain Wrestle From Clinch

Video #15 – Metzger

Video #16 – Takedown Recovery

Video #17 – Kicking range

Video #18 – Punching range

Video #19 – Entry off strikes

Video #20 – Dirty boxing in the clinch

Video #21 – Takedown off of dirty boxing


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