How to Set the Tone for a Perfect Practice

A warm-up is so much more than some light jogging and stretches. It sets the tone for every practice, which in turn sets the tone for the entire season. If you’ve ever seen a dip in motivation, effort, or technique - listen to this episode. A few tweaks at the start  might prime your athletes for success down the road. 

On Episode 17 Attack Style Wrestling, Coach Weber discusses the first (and arguably most important) part of planning a perfect practice - the warm-up. He shares the tried-and-true methods he uses with his athletes, adapted from years of experience and a network of elite-level coaches. By the end of this episode, you’ll be armed with detailed instructions on everything from the pre-practice speech to injury prevention. 

Here’s what else you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • 1:20 - Learn when a coach has the greatest influence on their athletes 
  • 2:25 - We explain  the difference between warming-up new kids and high school state champions 
  • 3:20 - Get answers to the question I get asked the most - hands-down
  • 4:40 - The ONE thing to keep in mind when starting a practice, regardless of your goal
  • 7:00 - Is a perfect practice even realistic? learn where to find my cheat sheet to creating one  
  • 8:47 How to balance success and struggle in each practice 
  • 9:07 the anatomy of a perfect practice - pre-practice speech 
  • 10:28- The pre-practice speech- what do the greatest coaches say? 
  • 11:14 How to develop a “hate to lose” mentality
  • 14:25: The crucial components of a good warm up and how to get your athletes fired up for practice 
  • 17:00- What are your core tenets to groove performance in every position?
  • 19:40- Setting down the roots of a great practice plan

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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