U.S Greco-Roman National Team Coach Matt Lindland Breaks Down How Greco Enhances Your Overall Skill Set

If your athletes need more ways to manipulate opponents on the mat…

Or if you want to regularly get into positions where you can score and your opponents can’t…

Then tune-in to today’s episode of the podcast.

On Episode 9 of Attack Style Wrestling, we talk with US Greco-Roman coach Matt Lindland how competing in Greco can improve a wrestler’s overall performance. By the end of the episode, you’ll know how to control ties, move opponents, and create angles on attack to consistently win matches, regardless of style.

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s episode:

  • How Coach Lindland’s equestrian roots led him to wrestling (1:40)
  • From folkstyle beginnings to training with Olympian’s in Oregon (3:45)
  • Starting late – How Lindland’s first high school off-season impacted his development (6:51)
  • The decision to go Greco – the benefits of breaking from the traditional path (9:57)
  • Finding a way to get on the podium (15:50)
  • A message for the naysayers – get comfortable being uncomfortable (17:52)
  • Why wrestling is like blacksmithing (22:07)
  • Fighting for positions in Greco – teaching the athletes to use their hips (24:39)
  • The best way to integrate Greco into folkstyle in the high school system (28:15)
  • The single drill that won us big matches (34:35)
  • How do you convince kids to compete in Greco? (38:43)
  • What Lindland looks for in his guys down at the Olympic Training Center (42:12)
  • Why throws work across all styles – just look at international freestylers (48:51)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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