PODCAST Episode 9: U.S Greco-Roman National Team Coach Matt Lindland breaks down how Greco enhances your overall skillset

Episode 9 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast will focus on tips and tricks with Greco-Roman wrestling with guest Matt Lindland, the U.S. Greco-Roman National Team coach.

  • We’ll find out how Lindland went from a high-level equestrian athlete to a wrestler and how he went over the hills and through the woods to find the coaching necessary to excel. A junior college champion at Clackamas Community College in Oregon, Lindland finished his college career at Nebraska. He tells the story of how he ended up choosing Greco-Roman over freestyle. Coach Daryl Weber and Lindland also talk about tips, tricks and drills from Greco-Roman techniques that can be easily utilized in helping young wrestlers become better in the folkstyle world.Learn more about Matt on his blog at CoachMattLindland.com

Topics in Podcast

  • The mindset the best wrestlers start off, even if things aren’t going their way

  • The importance of hearing the right message from coaches to end up with the maximum development

  • Hear about all the different ways to success in wrestling.

  • How now having someone to push you will make it develop at a much higher pace

  • Learn how committed the best wrestlers are.

  • Learn how Greco can take your hand fighting to another level and teach wrestlers how to win the close/big matches in Folkstyle

  • How important being coachable is and what top wrestlers think about this

  • Discover the secret sauce to Rapid Development in anything…  “Lean to be….”

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