Master the Ankle Lace (Part 2)

Part two of Mastering the Ankle Lace is going to cover one of THE most effective ways to execute this lethal hold.  If you understand the Base Position and how to transition to your lock quickly, this one hold will be hard to stop at all levels.  Attacking the leg with the 2-on-1 will allow you to force this technique on your opponent.

2-on-1 Shelf to Ankle Lace

There are a variety of reactions you will see from your opponent when you 2-on-1 Shelf their leg.  In my complete series I show you how to deal with those reactions.  Click the link if you want more information on my Complete Freestyle & Greco-Roman Series

Check out Part 3 where I show you a trick to getting the Ankle Lace when your opponent blocks you and how to finish on the most flexible opponents.

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