Want to Breed Long-Term Success? Re-Evaluate Your Relationship With Fun

If you’ve ever seen training intensity drop in a “fun” practice…

Or you’ve heard a kid try to cut corners with the “I’m not having fun” trope…

Then you should tune in to today’s episode.

On Episode 28 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we bring my brother, Lee, on to the podcast to talk about whether or not fun should be our focal point in training. Wrestling is hard work, and, more often than not, the grind is not enjoyable So how do you keep kids hooked on the sport while continuing to strive for greatness?

By the end of the episode, you’ll understand what I believe should be the goal instead, and how it might lead to more long-term fulfillment for your athletes.

Here’s what else you’ll discover in today’s podcast:

  • The difference between fun and fulfillment (5:35)
  • Want to get the most out of your athletes? Throw fun out of the window (and use this word instead) (10:07)
  • Why burn out doesn’t exist (12:55)
  • The role of winning, losing, and accomplishment (16:35)
  • The power of eliminating fear in your athletes (20:40)
  • Where I think things tend to go off course with athletes (24:15)
  • Winning cultures breed that fun feeling (and why that’s dangerous) (28:25)
  • When playing games in practice helps performance (31:43)
  • Lee tells us why the most successful programs attract people (34:48)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber



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