The HUGE Benefits of Growing Grassroots Greco-Roman Wrestling – Coach Matt Lindland

If you have a kid with aspirations beyond college…

Or you simply want elite tips from a national team coach…

Then you have to listen to today’s episode.

On Episode 29 of Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, we talk with U.S. Greco-Roman National Team Coach Matt Lindland about the effort to grow the grassroots effort for Greco-Roman wrestling in the United States. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand the benefits of Greco, both for an athlete’s individual future and your team’s, and exactly how to get them involved in the pathway.

The United States is a folkstyle country, but if you want to go to the Olympics, you need to switch it up. 

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Streamlining a grassroots to Olympian coaching system (2:15)
  • The challenge of competing with folkstyle and freestyle (5:10)
  • Coach Lindland’s take on the structural advantages and disadvantages of USA wrestling competitions (9:20)
  • Wrestling to get a college scholarship – how does that play into getting kids to try Greco? (12:20)
  • Getting the young kids with bigger aspirations involved early (14:35)
  • Using Greco to get better at freestyle and folkstyle (16:32)
  • Going from depth at the developmental level to podiums at the senior level (19:25)
  • The HUGE benefits of Greco in the high school off season (23:20)
  • Why Coach Lindland says “We wrestle completely differently” at the international level (26:45)
  • So your athlete wants to forego senior year to train for the Olympics – what do you do? (2840)
  • What percentage of the wrestlers in the country do we need to be the best Greco team in the world? (34:30)
  • How to get your athlete in the Greco national team pathway (35:45)
  • The one trait Coach Lindand sees in kids that accelerate from cadets to senior level (38:53)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber


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