Revealing the Secrets of Gable Trained Athletes… Two Years in the Making!

Ever since I started making my Gable Inspired Training Secrets available online, over 2 years ago, It has been my goal to provide motivated wrestlers and coaches with the most straightforward and useful training strategies in the world!

Bringing driven wrestlers and coaches together with the most successful and proven training strategies and watching them reach heights they never thought possible is

Coach Daryl Weber and Dan Gable Discussing How to Wrestle the Gablestyle
Coach Daryl Weber and Dan Gable Discussing How to Wrestle the Gablestyle

the sole purpose of this website and gives me extreme satisfaction.

I have worked with over 30,000 coaches, parents and wrestlers both online and offline in the past two years and it never seizes to amaze me at how dedicated so many are and how hard they work to excel in this sport that almost immediately gets in your blood.

I am also amazed to see how many are so close to jumping to that next level, but they just don’t know the best and most proven ways to get there.

Shh…  Here’s the Secret to Success

Honestly, it is like that in just about everything though. The elite definitely get to the top and stay at the top because of hard work but almost all of them find their success though combining their hard work with the guidance of a “been there… done that” mentor.

Trust me you can spend a lot of wasted time trying to reinvent the wheel and you can save a ton of time by finding someone that has done it AND… Listen to them!

I am very fortunate to have had one of the best mentors the sport of wrestling ever knew, Dan Gable. He was my college coach and I tried to soak up everything he ever taught me.

Easy To Follow Proven Training Systems…   That Work For Everyone!

When I first started helping wrestlers, coaches and parents online I knew they already had access to a million moves online but they needed it presented in a way that made sense and was laid out so wrestlers and coaches of all levels could use it.

That is what I immediately started to provide and people loved it. Not only because it was easy to understand, but more importantly because it had all been proven to work at the youth and high school ranks and was all inspired by what I had learned from Dan Gable while I won a NCAA Title for him a the University of Iowa.

I soon had the urge to take it ever further…

Providing 2 Game Changers for Driven Wrestlers & Coaches

I knew that two things could take it over the top for many of the driven wrestlers and coaches I was working with.
1. The key to truly learning the path to success is through constant mentoring. This allows you to truly learn the details that make the biggest differences.
2. I wanted to get in depth and usable advice from Dan Gable, himself. Delivered to my community on a regular basis.

“I wanted wrestlers and coaches to have the chance to be surrounded by the absolute best advice on a regular basis and have some of the best training plans and tips directly at their finger tips.”

I am very happy to announce that recently I have created The Gable Trained Academy, where you can get everything I have mentioned above and much more…

Right now their are 8 different sections to The Gable Trained Academy

The Gable Trained Academy – Loaded with 8 amazing components…

Coach Gable’s Corner – A new in-depth resource directly from Dan Gable will be loaded to this area. You can expect things like interviews, match analysis, Dan Gable features, tutorials and much more…

Action Plans – Members will receive a new “action plan” each month. In the “Action Plan” area of the GTA members will find detailed systematized worksheets, checklists, videos etc…

Expert Interviews – Their will be an interview with an expert in a field related to becoming the best wrestler, coach or parent of a wrestler you can be. These interviews will provide you with actionable steps and valuable insights.

Advanced Technique Series or Drill Series – New practice room drill series or advanced level technical series will be released here.

Office Hours – Gable Trained Academy members will get to “drop in” on our internal monthly Q & A sessions, where you can get all your training questions answered or submit questions if they can’t make the sessions.

Takedown Academy & Mat Wrestling Academy – Takedown & Mat Wrestling Academies techniques, drills, situational wrestling scenarios, conditioning drills and more will be released each week. All of the information will be released in a sequence used to build fundamentals that work for first year wrestlers and lay the foundation for skills needed at the highest level of the sport.

Pre-Loaded Bonus Section – We have pre-loaded a ton of resources that have been created over the past two years, so right from the get-go you are going to have plenty of information to get to work on. You are going to start off with some great videos, cheat sheets, workbooks etc… to get you started right away!

If you would like to get more details about the Gable Trained Academy you can click here…

If you aren’t 100% who Dan Gable is or why he is so special? Well here is the Dan Gable Legacy…

The Dan Gable Legacy:

Prep & College Career:

Prep and College Record 181-1

3x Undefeated State Champion with a record of 64-0

Wrestled at Iowa State University

3x All-American

3x Big Eight champion

2x NCAA Champion

Record 117-1

Set NCAA records in win and pin streaks

Suffering his only defeat in the NCAA finals his senior year.

World Level:

1971 Pan Am Games Champion

1972 World Championships Gold Medalist held in Sofia Bulgaria

1972 Tbilisi Champion

1972 Olympic Gold Medal (Munich Germany) without surrendering a single point.

Final 21 Olympic Level matches; 12 falls and outscored his nine other opponents, 130-1

Coaching Career:

University of Iowa’s all-time winningest head coach from 1976 to 1997.

15 NCAA Wrestling Team Titles,

9 of them consecutive from 1978-86

25 consecutive Big Ten Championships

Dual meet winning percentage of over 93%

Dual Meet record at 335-21-5.

152 All-Americans

45 National Champions

106 Big Ten Champions

12 Olympians

4 Gold Medalists

One Silver Medalist

3 Bronze Medalists.

He was nominated Olympic Freestyle Head Coach 3x, in 1980, 1984 and 2000.

 Head Coach of 6 World Teams.

1984 Olympic team, featuring four Hawkeyes, won seven gold medals.

Listed as one of the top coaches in the 20th Century by ESPN

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the greatest motivators any sport has ever known, in the Gable Trained members area. CLICK HERE for all the details!


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