Be Coachable. Be Positive. Be Accountable – The Three Areas Of An Athlete’s Mental Framework That Drive Success.

If you’re an athlete who puts in the hard work while no one is watching…

Or you’re a coach looking to make a breakthrough with even the most stubborn athletes…

Then you have to listen to today’s episode of the podcast. 

On Episode 7 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, I walk you through the steps in  cultivating each aspect of mental toughness. By the end of the episode, you’ll be armed with a framework to overcome the adversity of wrestling and life. It’s not always going to be easy, but with a few tricks, you can separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Here’s what else you’ll find within the episode:

  • Everyone says “be coachable”, but what does that even mean? (3:02)
  • What happens when we search for the easy route to success (5:30)
  • The Mountain Dew test – What do you do when no one’s watching? (7:10)
  • When it’s okay to treat yourself (10:17)
  • The cornerstone of mental toughness (11:48)
  • How to beat 95% of athletes instantly (15:21)
  • Staying positive when your chips are down, and losing with class (17:19)
  • The keys to being accountable (21:58) 
  • You can’t always coach with criticism – how to pick and choose your moments (25:45)
  • Getting a breakthrough with that one stubborn athlete (28:59)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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