PODCAST Episode 7: Daryl Weber explains framing the mind to start your wrestling season

With the start of any wrestling season, whether it be high school, college or freestyle and Greco-Roman, getting your wrestlers to focus and frame their mind is crucial to development.

On Episode 7 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, coach Daryl Weber identifies three main areas with your wrestlers to get their mental framework and mindset in gear.

Be Coachable
1. Don’t look for easier way than coach is telling you.
2. You will always find someone to tell you the easier road is acceptable.
3. Life will be much easier, if you are coachable. You improve quicker, have more confidence and aren’t always looking over your shoulder.

Be Positive
1. Anyone can be positive when all is good.
2. Mentally tough people find a positive spin when the chips are down.
3. Example: If you get taken down and start shaking your head.
4. Expect & Be Prepared to Deal with Adversity

Be Accountable
1. When coach corrects you, does it upset you or do you have a sense of urgency to correct things?
2. Most people are quick to throw pity parties. Separate yourself from the pack by holding yourself accountable regular.


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