PODCAST Episode 6: Five Key Area of Match Day Preparation with NCAA champion Daryl Weber

What exactly should you and your wrestlers be thinking about on match day? What’s important about the match day preparation? Everything.

On Episode 6 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast, NCAA champion and nine-time state championship coach Daryl Weber will explain the five key areas of match day preparation and go through what the first four areas mean as they all lead to the opening whistle.

Coach Weber will explain the post-weigh in process, how to handle the day’s warm-up and how to handle down time between matches and your initial warm up. Once you’ve wrestled your first match, how are you dealing with the break? What do you do the 20 minutes prior to taking to the mat and when the whistle blows, how do you flip the switch?

All those topics are discussed on Episode 6 of the Attack Style Wrestling Podcast.

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