The Five Key Areas of Match Day Preparation – Are Your Athletes Primed To Perform?

What exactly should you and your wrestlers be thinking about on match day? What’s important about the match day preparation? Everything.

If you’ve ever prepared your guys all week…. just to have them fall at the last hurdle…

Or you’re wondering what to do with ALL of that time between matches during tournaments…

Then tune in to today’s episode of the podcast. 

On Episode 6 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we discuss everything around match-day preparation. From nutrition to nerves, we tackle each aspect of performing when it truly counts. By the end of the episode, you’ll be armed with the same minute-by-minute guide I use to cultivate success in my athletes –  in dual meets and tournaments alike. 

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s episode:

  • The evolution of my match day prep as an athlete (3:38)
  • Post-weigh in – eating well and re-hydrating properly for performance (5:18)
  • Wrestling your first match in your warm up – processes to get the sweat going (7:47)
  • Is Mountain Dew the secret to success in Iowa? (11:55)
  • Conquering the mental aerobics of downtime before you actually wrestle (12:55)
  • My experience controlling emotions in the environment of Carver-Hawkeye (15:40)
  • The ups and downs of tournament formats – managing energy levels throughout a long day (16:48)
  • Smartphone and social media use between matches – relaxation tools or performance detriments? (20:20)
  • What to do 20 minutes before go-time (24:28)
  • What every elite wrestler looks like  before a match (and how it contributed to my national title) (26:29)
  • A strategy to deal with negative emotions (28:05)
  • Flipping the switch and letting the instincts take over (29:05)
  • Getting back on track when you lose your mental edge (And tricks to prepare for it in practice) (31:02)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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