A Smarter Approach To the High School Off-Season – AKA Freestyle And Greco-Roman Season

After the long high school season wraps up and you look forward to the off-season, what’s best for your wrestlers? Do they take time off? Do they compete in freestyle and Greco? Is there something in-between?

On Episode 3 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we discuss best practices for high school wrestlers in the off-season. From weight training and summer camps to full-on competitive freestyle and/or Greco season, different areas of focus suit certain wrestling abilities.  By the end of the episode, you’ll understand exactly how to guide each of your athletes toward the appropriate solution for their development during the off-season. 

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s episode:

  • The bare minimum every athlete needs to do in the off-season (4:05) 
  • What any kid needs to have any chance at wrestling in college (6:05)
  • Using freestyle and Greco to get better at the NCAA level (8:15)
  • Getting your set up shot finish in one motion, and other ways freestyle transfers to folkstyle (10:03)
  • Need to toughen kids up? Put them in Greco (11:32)
  • The surprising stats behind how many D1 All-Americans wrestle in cadet or junior nationals (13:47)
  • The three paths for developing summer training plans (16:21)
  • A sneak peek at the specialists from Attack Style Wrestling camps (19:30)
  • Harnessing the trolls and criticism for your benefit (23:53)
  • Get free stuff! A guide to making a real impact with your coaching (26:55)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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