Seven Steps to Engineer Confidence and Mental Toughness

It’s one of the most divisive areas of coaching. Can you develop mental toughness, or is it just something you’re born with? And what does mental toughness even mean, anyway? 

If you’ve ever seen a naturally tough kid fall apart just to pick themselves back up…

Or you think mental toughness is a trait some kids are just born with… 

Then you need to listen to this episode. It might surprise you.

On Episode 13 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we go over the seven steps to engineer mental toughness. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to connect the dots with every athlete – “born tough” or not. 

Here’s what else you’ll find in this episode: 

  • What Coach Gable did to drive our success at Iowa (3:23)
  • The real definition of mental toughness (6:05)
  • What do those that accomplish the biggest things in life have in common? (7:35)
  • You never fully “arrive” at mentally tough, but you can always create it – how to encourage everyone across all parts of the spectrum (11:17)
  • Why high school and college coaches have the best opportunity to develop mental toughness (13:38)
  • Creating interest and keeping it (14:32)
  • Engineering success from the beginning (17:21)
  • How to model and encourage consistency (19:35)
  • Don’t work at the school all day? Have another full-time job? Here’s how you create interest without all of that face time (22:35)
  • Proper goal setting  (25:45)
  • How to deal with setbacks and adversity (32:45)
  • Why the process sometimes trumps the results (36:45)
  • One of the biggest things reasons kids plateau (39:16)
  • So you’ve built some mental toughness – how do you keep it? (42:50)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber


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