How Wrestling Sets A Foundation For Success Across All Areas Of Life – A Talk With Charlie Brenneman

“I know I’m going to succeed because I don’t know any other way”

That quote, spoken by today’s guest Charlie Brenneman, embodies the mentality of a wrestler. You see, as wrestlers, we have an unfair advantage. The sport, for all of its grueling hours on the mat, days spent trying to make weight, and years holding ourselves accountable, prepares you for life like no other. 

In Episode 11 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we talk with Brenneman, a UFC veteran and motivational speaker, about the intersection of wrestling and life. Both he and I look back on our careers, noting key moments where wrestling shaped our entrepreneurial lifestyles, and offering advice to young athletes. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how you can use wrestling to succeed in your career, your relationships, and anything else you set your mind to. 

Here’s what else you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • Getting that mental flip to switch for kids – how long does it take? (2:54)
  • How fit are wrestlers compared to the general population? (5:25)
  • Which is harder – wrestling a 7-minute match, or fighting a 15-minute MMA fight? (7:58)
  • How the wrestling mindset leads to success in all avenues (11:15)
  • The top three things wrestlers should know when transitioning to MMA (12:50)
  • Is wrestling a martial art? Why wrestling is the base for successful MMA fighters (16:57)
  • How to address the reservations parents have about injury. Why choose wrestling? (19:06)
  • Is wrestling as an answer to the obesity epidemic? (22:10)
  • Why wrestling gives you an unfair advantage in life (23:59)
  • Brenneman’s mentoring program for high school athletes (25:57)
  • What wrestling has to do with entrepreneurship (26:36)
  • If you want to accomplish something big, failure is an absolute must (30:46)
  • Does wrestling’s nature as an individual sport push people to succeed in life? (35:42)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber

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