Finally, We Answer Your Questions About Wrestling and MMA

If you’re a striker searching for techniques to improve your ground game…

Or if you’re a high-level wrestler with ambitions to enter the octagon…

Then you need to listen to today’s episode of the podcast.

On Episode 10 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we walk with Mark Strickland about wrestling and MMA. As a former MMA fighter and one of the best developmental wrestling coaches in the country, Strickland offers unique insight into building a combative arsenal. By the end of this episode, you’ll know exactly which skills to work on for wrestling in MMA so that you can secure takedowns – every time. 

Here’s what else you’ll discover in today’s episode: 

  • Why Strickland calls his time as a high school coach “the best experience of my entire life” (4:12)
  • Little tweaks you can make to develop elite athletes at a young age (6:40)
  • Why an MMA room lights up when a wrestler walks in (9:59)
  • Simple, yet effective wrestling techniques for MMA  (14:12)
  • The biggest advantage wrestlers have over anyone else (16:58)
  • The first thing you teach other martial artists in the stand up game  (18:29)
  • The hardest thing for wrestlers to unlearn when fighting MMA (21:12)
  • Attack Style MMA: the best way to get fighters in your comfort zone – on the ground (23:48)
  • Which fighters are the toughest to take down – and how do you beat them? (26:03)
  • The biggest adjustment every high-level wrestler makes for MMA (30:17)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber



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