Looking Back To Where It All Began – The Origin Story of Dan Gable and Attack Style Wrestling

If your athletes struggle to find the balance between hard work and smart work…

Or if you’ve ever just wanted to pick Dan Gable’s brain about what’s made him so successful…

Then you need to listen to Episode 1 of the podcast. On our first ever episode of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we talk with legendary coach Dan Gable about pushing the right buttons with your team. Joined by former Hawkeye himself Lee Weber, Gable goes over his approach at Iowa and how that shaped our style at Attack Style Wrestling. You’ll get first-hand insight into Gable’s book “A Wrestling Life”, and, by the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to apply the right hard work as a coach and an athlete.

Here’s what else you’ll find in today’s episode:

  • The original “Gable-ism” that inspired me to push harder (3:08)
  • One of the most interesting rants Lee has seen from Ben Askren (4:55) one of the most 
  • That time Gable’s relentless style made a Russian walk out on him with a minute left in a match (6:19)
  • Hard work only goes so far – how to add to it and adjust to get even better (10:50)
  • Score points by setting your athletes up to win from all positions (13:05)
  • Breaking down the McIlravy vs Abas 1993 final (14:48)
  • Hidden secrets from Gable’s book “A Wrestling Life” (17:20)
  • Peaking, tapering, and training your team toward championships (19:47)
  • How a season from 1994 with USA wrestling saved Coach Gable’s team three years later (22:24)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber


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