If You Practice The Way You Compete, Why Are Your Drills So Boring?

If you struggle to get your wrestlers to react appropriately to moves in practice…

Or if the monotony of drilling is starting to bore you and your athletes….

Then it’s time to listen to this episode of the podcast.

On Episode 5 of the Attack Style Wrestling podcast, we take a deep-dive into drilling in practice. Drilling is where wrestlers forge the little habits that make the difference between a college and middle school wrestler. Are your elbows loose? Do you reach?  Do you lay soft hands? Are your feet heavy? Are your ankles exposed after takedowns? Do you hit a hip heist or simply turn in after a standup? These little questions, which determine whether or not a wrestler can compete at a high level, are answered by the habits formed by drilling in the practice room. By the end of the episode, I’ll give you the specific drill series I use in the top, neutral, and bottom positions, plus how to develop that X factor that all coaches are looking for.

Here’s what else you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • An inside look at the Pan-Ams by Coach Gable (1:37)
  • Recruiting from cadet and junior nationals – what’s exactly do college coaches look for? (6:20)
  • Gable tells us how to identify the best wrestlers in America (8:32)
  • The 2 cornerstones of neural position drilling every high school program needs, regardless of style (9:43)
  • When’s the right time to implement situational drilling? (12:05)
  • How drilling defense is the secret to an aggressive offense (13:11)
  • No partner? No excuses – how to use shadow wrestling the right way (17:45)
  • Picking drilling partners in practice (20:40)
  • The 3 fundamentals of bottom position drilling (plus one easy trick to keep wrestlers from giving up their wrists) (23:48)
  • What most youth and high school wrestlers don’t understand about drilling sessions (25:33)
  • Which programs influenced Coach Gable’s drilling style the most? (28:06)
  • “If you’re a good counter wrestler, you should be a great escape artist” – Learn why Gable loves drilling hip heists (31:01)
  • The biggest top series additions I’ve included in my drilling since coaching high school (33:45)
  • How to adjust your drilling based on the opponent (35:15)
  • Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Gable’s advice to the seasoned coach (38:10)

Stay strong,

Coach Weber



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