Do You Have the Slight Edge?

I have been reading a book lately that was referred to me by my good friend Jim Harshaw.  The book is called “The Slight Edge”.  The book does a great job of laying out what it takes to be successful, in anything you do.

Common themes that we talk about with our wrestlers are mentioned throughout the book.  Jeff Olsen does a great job of describing the significance of these minor things that, if done consistently over time, will lead to great accomplishments.

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The basic premise of “The Slight Edge” is that great things happen by doing many small positive things consistently.  Things that you don’t see immediate results from, so many people just don’t do them.  Not because they are too hard they just don’t get immediate satisfaction from them.  He likes to say “if you don’t do these things it won’t kill you, so people choose not to do them.”

A couple principles he talks about are:

Showing up regular:  Think about the guys that just show up regular and pass up less committed by more talented guys all the time.

the-slight-edge-bookBe positive:  Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, has ups and downs.  The people that are consumed by the down swings and let those down times change their course are always left in the dust by the people that can keep going through the bad times, knowing the better times are ahead if they keep working hard.

Give yourself time:  Too many people do the right thing for short periods and after not seeing the immediate results go back to their old ways.  Coach Gable used to tell us regularly, “If you want to change something it takes 30 straight days of executing that new habit or mentality before you can expect it to even have a chance of taking hold”

In conclusion, accomplishing great things isn’t really very complex.  It is just consistently making good decisions.  These are decisions that most people are just too lazy to do, especially consistently.



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