The Secret to Developing Internal Drive (you can try it in practice today)

If you’re constantly adjusting motivational tactics for every kid on your team… Or if you’re working with athletes across a wide range of skill levels… Then you’ll get a ton out of Episode 15 of Attack Style Wrestling podcast. This week, our guest, legendary coach Dan Gable – an NCAA champion and Olympic gold medalist – dives in to the art of coaching.  By the end of this episode, you”ll be armed with the tools to build internal drive in new players and push veterans beyond their limits.  Through implementing Coach Gable’s balance of independence and dependence, you’ll map out a successful season for each individual athlete, regardless of personality or skill level. You’ll also discover the ONE mistake most coaches make in practice (don’t worry – you can take it home and fix it today).

Here’s more of what you’ll find in today’s episode: 

  • Why we should be treating wrestling more like basketball (2:45)
  • The secret edge Americans have on the Russians (it’s not what you think) (4:15)
  • Coach Gable defines independent and dependent coaching (8:30)
  • The ultimate goal every wrestling coach should strive for (9:45)
  • How to go in to your first session with a brand-new team and come out clean on the other side (11:05)
  • Why even the best coaches rarely stick to the game plan (16:35)
  • Keep your athletes in the game by using dependent coaching to prevent injury (19:00)
  • Learn the one thing you should let go of to make an impact in practices today (22:10)
  • The importance of delivering a consistent message to generate buy-in from each of your athletes (25:20)
  • A plan of attack to run practices with multiple skill levels at once (27:40)
Stay strong, Coach Daryl Weber


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