Dan Gable’s Timeless Tactics For Developing Independence And An Internal Drive (Part 1)

By Dan Gable and Daryl Weber

Dan Gable joins Daryl Weber and Jason Bryant for part one of a two-part series on independent and dependent practicesituations and scenarios.

In Episode 15, we learn:

  • How to build a year long peaking system for athletes of all ages with the right goals in mind
  • Keeping the interest up and building champions
  • What is Independence -- What is dependence
  • Tips for youth and beginning coaches
  • How to read a team and figure out what they want quickly
  • Discover the nature of building championship sports for the long run
  • How good coaches prepare for practice and manage their athletes once they get going
  • One thing Coach gable NEVER did that many coaches think you have to do
  • The importance of the warm up and what a real warm up is really like
  • A mistake 99% of high school and youth coaches make and how to battle it
  • Why you have to be able to let go, no matter how hard it is
  • The importance of knowing how to cater to every level in your practice room

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