Dan Gable’s Timeless Tactics for Developing Independence and an Internal Drive (Part 2)

Episode 16: Timeless Tactics for Developing Independence and an Internal Drive in All level Athletes (Part 2)

Coach Dan Gable joins Daryl Weber and Jason Bryant for part two of a two-part series on independent and dependent practice situations and scenarios.

In Episode 16, we learn:

  • How to cut off quitting at the pass.
  • How to read each athlete and make sure
  • What coaches and parents that are having issues need to do
  • What to expect when you start using proven tactics for developing wrestlers.
  • How to find something that works and how to break it down to the simplest terms
  • How to measure success in each wrestlers
  • How to get the most of each athlete and not run them off.
  • How to start to teach independence to your wrestlers
  • Using live wrestling sessions like coach Gable at any level
  • How to adjust your intensity level to build an aggressive dominating wrestling style
  • Gable’s rule on how many points you should score in a practice.
  • Coach Gable’s secret to develop wrestlers at the highest levels in the practice room
  • How to program wrestlers to be able to listen to you in live competition when needed.
  • What you need to manufacture for your most elite wrestlers
  • How a good coach is like a magician

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