Dan Gable Practice Planning Secret

Dan Gable talks about his practice planning strategies when he was a the coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes, where he won 15 National Team Titles.

He says that he would map out 365 days all leading to the NCAA Championship and plan his peaking strategy specific to the team he was going to have.  When it came to planning out his practices he wouldn’t go into great detail but he would assign each day either “Dependent” or “Independent” .

He felt that the main goal when constructing a great team was to turn them all into coaches and leaders so if he didn’t show up one day they could still put themselves through a practice that would be 95% as effective as one he would put them through.

Developing internal drive in his athlete and allowing them to discover how to break opponents on their own was a something Dan Gable thought was necessary for his success.

Check out this short video where Coach Gable talks about developing “Independence” in the practice room.

Coach Gable used drills every practice to develop the skills, conditioning and mindset to win the big matches. Get Access To Practice Drills that I use with my team now that I developed based on my time under Coach Gable.

Dan Gable


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